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Afiqah 3d
and here I am,
these heartbeats of almost
inside the corners
of my introverted heart
after all I am left
to hold all of these love to you now
stays rewriting itself
in my du'aas

Afiqah Mar 27
and I believe,
the stars
will metaphorically
call us home
and they’ll be the ones
who’ll delicately crown our love,
lounging by with our names
among all of the colors
only our hearts knew

Afiqah Nov 2018
it still beats
it still feels
and *******,
does it still sits,
toughing itself out
even while coming in through
with half of the universe’s little splatters
of such unpleasantry settings
here and there,
all of that unbending,
dead set on hopes kept
this heart fearlessly still in love anyway

Afiqah Sep 2018
tomorrow slowly
started coming in
with colors
and every single comb
of your breath warmly airs
the tellings of pure, sheer love
and happiness to me

Afiqah Jun 2018
you have held this
new kind of hopeful ring
to our souls
that breeds into such
majestically, sinful colors
I’ve become more than settled
to be at home with

Afiqah May 2018
in your coming,
I found my flawed self
a little less scarred,
a little less fearful
as if you brewed something
charmingly sorcerous
and that taste for love came
with such flames
every second our hearts meet

Afiqah Apr 2018
you’re already here
standing on the after of before
give yourself a toast
to those nights
you felt your breath clumsily falling short
you have made it to today
and yesterday,
they do not own you anymore

Afiqah Apr 2018
here rest most
of their becoming souls
among lost metaphors
this is where
the big-hearted rebels submit
as they rise to make it wild again
to their next breath

Afiqah Apr 2018
be at rest and
stay a little more, darling
until the night comes hungry
let’s keep modeling our souls
under tonight’s wild, starry veil
and watch our pulses
beat its magic out

Afiqah Apr 2018
the need is to be okay
to be okay with sometimes,
to be at rest with the
heart’s doing its anthem
after such odd,
anarchic catastrophes

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