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Karen Lang Sep 2023
How often do we drift and fall into a story of the mind?
A memory from the past
A fear or projection in the future
Or a story on repeat from an event we had this morning
Where are you now?
To be fully aware means we must open our hearts
and invite every experience in
Only then can our minds be free
It's not easy to open our hearts, allow vulnerability,
and be present in this moment.
It takes courage to trust we can live in this space.
Karen Lang Jul 2020
Stepping into the unknown
I feel a rush of anxiety
My mind urges me to leave
I push ahead,
I try to ignore my thoughts
They return,
Are you sure?
What if you are wrong?
I move forward,
More determined,
Suddenly a wave of courage
and strength arise
I am not alone
I can do this
In this space,
Everything is possible
It's not easy to face our fears or our challenges in life. But each time I do, I expand into my freedom.
Karen Lang Jun 2020
In the stillness
I feel
I listen
I face my truth
In the stillness
I see
I acknowledge my needs
I let go
In the stillness
I receive
I rejuvenate
I heal
In the stillness
I reconnect
I am one with everything
My life changed the day I started sitting in stillness in nature.  Its a place I reconnect and heal.
Karen Lang Apr 2020
Find meaning in your pain,
your trauma,
your wounds
Become the container
of your story
not the contained
To deeply connect
we need to unravel
be vulnerable
In this space
we see it all
In his space
we expand
We allow
We heal
Unravel the old and welcome the new
Karen Lang Apr 2020
We have a unique opportunity
during this time
To expand
A wave of consciousness
has arrived to expand our way of being
with life, with ourselves, with each other
It's here to change and challenge our
old beliefs
and our way of life
It's uncomfortable
It's confronting
It's necessary
And as we slow down
We will see ourselves more deeply
We will see others more deeply
We will become aware of
our higher self
our higher purpose
And in this space
We will expand together
Let's use this time to expand our way of being for the future.
Karen Lang Feb 2020
I am here
Where else can I go?
My mind can pull me
My mind can take me
My mind can confuse me
But I stay in stillness
I stay focused on my breath
I stay in this moment
I am here
Nowhere else to be
With life
With it all
With nothing
I am here
Presence is a practice.  So practice. :)
Karen Lang Jan 2020
What if all our heaviness
Our pain
Our tiredness
Our chaos
Our separation
Simply is here,
because we cannot see
our need to surrender
to our truth
to our wounds
to our brokenness
to our separateness,
To our freedom within....
So often I look outside myself for connection, for healing, for my needs, for love; only to discover the separateness is within me. And when I see this, I can surrender, let go and heal.
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