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Karen Lang Jul 17
If we were taught
That facing and feeling our pain, our loss, our heartache,
our deep grief
was the key to our freedom
was the opening of the cocoon
was the portal to the stars
was feeling the luminous light of the moon
and the warmth of the sun
and made more room for love
for joy
for hope
for resilience
Would we do it?
Why do we run from our pain? When it is only here to teach us to let go and live fully in our truth?
Karen Lang Jun 25
Always keep what is true
in front of you
Make space to bear this truth
Step by Step
Let go of what you have always known
or believed would happen
and allow space to see
this truth,
this beautiful broken truth
I don't always want to face the truth or to see what is really happening within me or others.  But each time I have the courage to sit with it, see it and listen deeply.  I find a way through.
Karen Lang Jun 11
For us to learn
We must let go of our need to be right
For us to let go of our busyness
We must learn to become still
For us to learn our truth
We must surrender our control
For us to heal
We must admit we are sick
For us to live fully
We must accept that we will die
I wrote this during the grief of our 9 year old son's death. It's from my book COURAGE.  Grief has taught me so much about life.  Grief revealed a truth that I did not see until I faced death.
Karen Lang Jun 9
When I feel stuck
When I feel disconnected
I remember these feelings diminish me
And so
I change direction
I move
I breathe deeply
I walk outside
I see the sky
the earth
the sun
I sense their creative full energy
I feel connected to it
I drink it all in
Karen Lang Jun 4
May I always take time to see the beauty
Within me
Within you
Within the world
As this will create beauty
in the heartbeat of every experience
Karen Lang May 26
Do I have the courage to leave the nest?
Can I let go of all that I cling to?
How will I know if I remember how to fly?

Let go
Breathe deeply as you teeter on the edge of the nest
You will not remember how to fly
until you jump ...
I have learned that when I step out into the unknown, into the fear, into the uncertainty, it is only then, that I remember, I can fly....
Karen Lang May 15
We are part of an ever moving, growing, expansive and sacred energy

It is around us, above us and below us at all times

We belong to everything and everyone

We are the ones who separate from this space

We are the ones who contract away from this energy

It is always here waiting

Waiting for us to re-connect and flow into

We belong to everything and everyone
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