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Norman Crane Oct 2020
I am huddled in the coroner,
a little beast within a man,
And when at night he studies bodies,
I come out,
now and again.
Tony Luxton Aug 2020
The sun is shining, games not played
only the dog walkers parade
Morale declining children pining
This is the plague decade.

Key workers nervously
bravely give service
while others wait
to discover their fate.

Watching wretched news
numbers are rising
much televising
loves no one would choose.
Corona Virus days
Mark Toney May 2020
coronary episode—
coroner report

© 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
5/13/2020 - Poetry form: senryu - © 2020 Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
the word reciprocation
died of an unnatural death
it so required an in kind
responsive breath*

too few understood
the dire straits it was in
not ever being returned
mutual oxygen's kin

as a consequence of the term
never receiving air
there ended the life
of its courteous fair

the coroner's dictionary
apportioned blame
at the feet of they who
*knew not the name
Nikhil Khandekar Aug 2015
My thoughts bear me back
I can hear self speak
To mediocrity n’ tack;
Horror, how my words leak!

Hear me dish out
What I was handed
My worst - Infernal spout -
The vermin banded.

If I do live in me mind
What Paradise I expect to find?
Despite the daughter, my sole joy, laughter
What! Must my body travail
From rafter to rafter?

Then again, vermin mill round
I tap away, coroner profound
A private party
People around me
Vanity and beauty
From where I sat
A glow of hope
In an ashen sky
Abandoned arguments
Reviews and dismal news
Changing moods
Pauses for profanity
Shadows and reality
Patented predictions
Solemnity and sorrow
Corpses for the coroner

— The End —