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spiral-whirl May 2018
dear my greatest enemy and friend depression,
          i think we need to end out deal,
i can't keep giving you my sanity,
when it is all gone,

                          - signed the one you haunt
spiral-whirl May 2018
if you told a lie director that you loved me,
      would it say 'lie' or 'truth?'
spiral-whirl May 2018
"what should i do?" the crow asked the cat

       the cat purr, their eyes gleaming, "oh, flightless bird, that is a wonderful to ask but it would be better to ask yourself on what you want to do. "
spiral-whirl May 2018
just like with the moon and wolf,
the moon loved the sun enough to give half his life to her,
but smart enough to keep the other half,
in case she decides to break it,

the reason we have night and day,
is because the moon loved sun,
but sun wasn't blinded by her light to see it,
but blinded by his appearance to embrace it
really, i always believed the real reason we have night and day is because the moon loves the sun but the sun doesn't love them back.
spiral-whirl May 2018
i remember your coffee scented hair,
your hot coca smile,
yet i'll never forget that cup of ice in your eyes.
spiral-whirl May 2018
rockin flannels and hoodies in mid summer,
hair long, attitude sharp,
makeup? get that out of my face,
dresses ain't for me,
shorts and tops are my key,
while i may be strange,
out of the blue,
seem like one of the guys you would meet on a sport team,
not really,
what do you call something like me?
i'm a tomboy~
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