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Marius Banik Feb 11
I step into a hall
I cant see neither wall
Nor celing
Only clouds
Every few kilometers, a door
I know, every door a diffrent unlimited treasure
I walk and walk
No doors right
I reach the end
Its been thousands of years
I suffered the choice
Now I lay and die
josh wilbanks Mar 2017
I started smoking to quit my addiction
It's started to feel like my life is fiction
Where do i go to pay my commision?
I'm ready to go i've hit my limit
"What about everything you'll be missin'?"
Everything is born with a single mission
Survival of the fittest and reproduction
No deeper meaning it's how we're written
Earth doesn't need me in this rendition
Over populated and under provisioned
We need to loose a couple in this position
To most death seems so very distan'
Fearing death is like fearing ******'
Eventually you have to go so listen
Enjoy every moment you're given
Life has no meaning so enjoy your visit
Someday we'll all come to a finish
Extinction is enivitable so just go fishin'
There is a time and a day
For everyone to shine.
Whens mine?
When will someone take a look at
Who i am.
I wish this world was different.
Less talk and more look.
Because people like me take the end of the stick.
Starving ourselves to match your definition of perfection.
Molding ourselves from what we see
And not by what we feel.
The world really is a ****** up place.
Everythings a race.
Who will blow up next.
I dont want to shine too bright
But someday
I want to prove that
everyone is great.
There is something to love about every single person who exists.
Society is so focused on negativity.
On drama.
But what hasnt been ventured is
Focusing on kindness.
Negativity is ugly
So hurtful.
Especially when it seems like everyone has something to say.
So what do you say?
Nothing negative i hope
Because as you are reading this,
I am speaking to you
Maybe you are thinking
You dont know anything.
But i know some things.
And i know that everyone has something to love about themselves.
Find yours.
What is it?
Its time to start thinking
About a little
(rather big thing)
Called *happieness
I know things  have been rough.
People dont understand. Period.
I want you to know  that you are worth something, despite what everyone tells you.
You are going to find someone.
You really will.
And when you do,
You wont remember what loneliness  is
You will love her
You wont want to leave her
Because she  is
just that great
Dont ever believe you are ugly
people  are mean and you know who you are.
Dont let them get into your head.
One person saying  you are handsome and meaning it is way better than a million  people saying it out of pitty.
Don't  let them controll you
You are better than drugs
Better  than  alcohol..
You will survive
You will grow up to be a fine young man with a goal in life.
Dont let dad **** dreams
Dont let mom **** you into a life not meant for you.
Dont loose that goofy smile.
Dont ever stop your passion for music
Dont be afraid to cry
Dont be afraid to stand up
Because the world  needs standers,
Not sitters.
Dont choose to let others walk on you.
Dont stop watching star wars
And humming the theme song on the walk to school.
I know not many people tell you this,
But you are awesome.
You are important
And honest.
Dont disregard  those  traits.
I am not trying to be concideded
But you...we need this.
Especially  when we feel so low
While others  are living so high.
Dont listsn to the haters.
Believe in yourself,
And *never stop trying
This ppem was inspired by a friend who decided to lift me up and support me. Through that i decided to write this as sort of  self encouragement. Thank you, Ashton
I once had a girlfriend.
oh boy, right
Or some of you might be thinking:
who the **** cares
This is my poem
So ******* :)
I once had a girlfriend
Oh how dear was she.
Perfect gurl
Perfect eyes
Perfect hair
Perfect personality
I wish she could have been forever.
But I'm sure you figured out we broke up when I said "once "
But she was like the perfect matchup.
Like pizza and pepperoni.
Coke and ice
Rock music and a lake
I dunno
This gurl,
She was so cool
But I was a fool
(Rhymes, eh, eh?)
She thought I was too  nice.
Too **** nice.
I have no idea what to say still.
What's wrong with being nice?
As if
She wanted someone to call her a ***** and a liar
(Which she wasn't)
She was a good gurl.
Why wasn't I?
Because I
too nice
That's who I am
A label on my forehead.
"The nice guy"
It's amazing
(A curse)
see I'm ******
Because I want a gurl
Who will love me
Be a "nice girl"
So I ask.
Are you  the nice one?
Will you feed my soul
With the love we both need?
I dunno
Do You?
All I know is
I sure wanna **** answer
josh wilbanks Feb 2016
A slaughter house of emotions keeps my mind busy as this 145 pound meat bag just keeps getting heavier and heavier. I've begin to wonder if this is how it was always ment to be; trapped in my own thoughts. After all, not everyone gets to be rich.
Katherine D Feb 2015
I remember
your warm smile
your calming voice
your gentle touch
your soft lips
your strong, protective hands

I remember
how happy I was in your arms
how you loved all my flaws
how you could always make me smile
how you never gave up on me
how your hand fit perfectly in mine

I remember
when you kissed me in the pouring rain
when we tried to count the stars in the night sky
when we spent the day curled up on your couch
when we hiked for hours by the river for no reason at all
when we took off to the beach for a week just to be together

Then came the storm,
it took you away in the blink of an eye
our time together went on standby

Along with my smile.

One foot up, one foot down, stepping,
My steps make no sound.
One foot up, one foot down, I step
Stepping all around.

Step I do,
You step with me,
I step with you.
One foot up, one foot down,
You step,
Stepping on my toe.
How do you dance?
Christopher Lowe Aug 2014
If not for ourselves
We would have nothing
No experiences
No loves
No friendships
No thoughts
It is for our existence
That we purely exist
It is through ourselves
That we experience
Not just ideas or thoughts
But we experience ecstasy
Don’t ask yourself what is happiness
Ask yourself why exist to strive for happiness
A thought that has eluded great philosophers
Instead experience existence
Enjoy the breeze
And live for the sack of living
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