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Jul 2016
I once had a girlfriend.
oh boy, right
Or some of you might be thinking:
who the **** cares
This is my poem
So ******* :)
I once had a girlfriend
Oh how dear was she.
Perfect gurl
Perfect eyes
Perfect hair
Perfect personality
I wish she could have been forever.
But I'm sure you figured out we broke up when I said "once "
But she was like the perfect matchup.
Like pizza and pepperoni.
Coke and ice
Rock music and a lake
I dunno
This gurl,
She was so cool
But I was a fool
(Rhymes, eh, eh?)
She thought I was too  nice.
Too **** nice.
I have no idea what to say still.
What's wrong with being nice?
As if
She wanted someone to call her a ***** and a liar
(Which she wasn't)
She was a good gurl.
Why wasn't I?
Because I
too nice
That's who I am
A label on my forehead.
"The nice guy"
It's amazing
(A curse)
see I'm ******
Because I want a gurl
Who will love me
Be a "nice girl"
So I ask.
Are you  the nice one?
Will you feed my soul
With the love we both need?
I dunno
Do You?
All I know is
I sure wanna **** answer
Błeeding Dįamøndš
Written by
Błeeding Dįamøndš  16/M/Denver, Colorado
(16/M/Denver, Colorado)   
     Ashton, Corvus, Just Me R and ---
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