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Zara Nov 2018
I can’t go on a diet
cause I care too much
about everything
and everyone
I feel too much
even for food’s feelings
which tell me how
I'm supposed to go
Maria Monte Aug 2018
Saline streams ran down my cheeks and found it's way to my lips
Glitter and shine like sequins as they drip down the terrain,
Seeping into the cracks in a desperate attempt to drink the life I've given up

I'm older now but nothing has changed
My wine still tastes like bitter childhood and my cigarettes smelled like my father
(Or maybe my father smelt like cigarettes, I couldn't tell)
A bag of anger packaged in Mcdonald's chicken nuggets sat on my work desk like a trophy to behold

I was only 6 when the first crack in my heart ran through
My mother told me that maybe copious amounts of cheesy fries and roasted chicken would somehow motivate my body to fill it up
I needed reassurance that would coat it in resin
Give it another layer of protection
But she gave me a bag of hard candy so I could sculpt around it

My body shook and my voice cracked as my father left my the family for the 3rd time and I knew my trust was gone forever
But that's fine because 7-Eleven is down the streets
And they have a promo for chocolate-vanilla ice cream
All I needed was a cone to catch the tears as I swallowed it down like melted sugar syrup

I tell myself that adding chocolate chips into my depression would not make it taste sweeter
But when I took a bite out of that cookie, I could barely tell I've been crying
And a few mugs of mocha drowned the thought deep into my mind

I'm older now
But my taste buds still have me ******* on a chain
And it feels like the only way to escape
Is to jump down the abyss
Out of all my crutches, stress eating is the "healthiest" but it destroys me eight times faster in the long run because then I'll worry about gaining weight. Ahhh, tough.
Quinntin Bravo Jun 2018
I feel sick to my stomach
I feel like throwing up these words
bottled up inside
but all I do
is gag
on the feeling of fear
leaving a bitter taste in my mouth

I don't want to eat
I just want to eat away the pain
wash away the fear
with bubbly sugars
filling my sensations
overloading myself
with stimulations
it's never enough
Why won't these feelings go away

— The End —