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The railway car glides along the line,
bringing us to our fated destiny;
The churning of the wheels below,
screech louder still in close proximity.

With enemies waiting in a starlit station,
I gather my packages with haste;
the family curse biting away at night,
We're captives of the nomadic chase.

They sent for us during winter's storms,
to carry out the duties of a raging war;
Between enduring legends of the countryside,
and those whose thoughts burnt ancient scars.

The frenzied lot coaxed us into wagons,
with cheap wine and women of the street;
Fear engulfed my heavy heart of stone,
and my brothers shouted for a brief retreat.

Corralled into a filthy barn of horses,
and cows who moaned throughout the night;
I hugged the eldest whose eyes were empty,
and climbed onto a horse and took to flight.

Awakening now from the deepest sleep,
I saw a young man from my dreary stare;
who covered me in a blanket of straw,
Which soothed me from the cool night air.

It was then I realized my family was safe,
the fighting and bloodshed never came to pass;
As my brothers had escaped into the woods,
and my dream-like state shattered like an hourglass.
Watching far too many Westerns during our time at home ! (lol). Hoping to build this into a "real story" some day in the future.  
The hallway echoed sounds of lonesome tears,
while heavy rain pounded the roof;
A mysterious voice--soft and solemn--spoke,
through the wide open windows of truth.

Among the hushed sense of breathless fear,
an apparition whirled into view;
Unsettled yet somehow peaceful,.
its presence prompted a hopeful clue.

A misty haze gathered 'round the wraith,
its voice became halting and slow;
The crying then ceased as did the rain,
leaving a ghost with nowhere to go.

Its earthly mission having been resolved,
a stairway appeared straight ahead;
Floating down steps to the mirrored wall,
reflecting a vision so genuinely sad.

Suddenly those sounds of anguished tears,
could be heard again from the hall;
Our ghost was perplexed about this event,
for which it had previously answered the call.

With its supernatural power and strength,
and a wave of gossamer charm;
The tears were stilled and the house grew light,
no longer a cause for alarm.

This tale is one of quaint mystery,
of a world filled with hurt and sorrow;
But our magical friend put up a fight;
then vanished into the new fallen snow.
I wrote this a long time ago when first attempting to create worthy visions, to make myself comfortable with the art of writing poetry. It's kind of bland, but one has to start somewhere ! Enjoy (I hope).   Frances
Possessions--mere reflections of innate wanting,
and whatever energizes our profound desires;
While creating masks of perplexing illusions,
which color our spirits in relentless ire.

In the open wilderness of thought's reactions,
we try to control the monstrous fates;
Which count on the frailties of human souls,
in cunning contentions from fierce debates.

Lost and alone--seeking holy redemption,
while making a bargain with Satan's plan;
Forgetting the chance to accept possibilities,
of love and survival from heavenly hands.

Then spurned by the Devil who sought to defeat,
through endless suffering and evil deceptions;  
We cling to warnings caressed by the wind,
as the trail ahead welcomes in peaceful reception.
Her long charcoal hair tied in threads
of silken sheen, the ribbons of innocence--
With a peach-cream complexion surrounding
her dancing smile, her luxurious eyes of onyx,
sparkling deeply with wisdom and kindness.
Tammi--a child of Israel--who won the hearts of
those near and far--my glowing friend who chased
away the blues of the day--whose voice was soft and
warm as Springtime.
  She left us long ago in a solemn May, gone off to her
sacred home, as I still ponder what could have been--
mourning for all she's missed, for all I've lost, when I first
watched the joy and peace of true grace shine before me.
In stinging refrains each haunting voice,
from loosely held remembrances of love--
fuels conquering dreams in robust intervention,
and awakens the stillness from stars above.

As cosmic spirals bequeath their missives,
to land upon the holiest of aspirations--
Then changing course from worthy conventions,
with notions comprised of lyrical definitions.

Still recounting memories in moments of solace,
and meandering thoughts rising from the heart--
Grabbing hold of ideals which covet the ages,
as the missives relent in worlds torn apart.

The tossing aside of images now projected,
while connecting with ancient spells deferred--
Those visions reflected by heavenly wonder,
bring glorified moments from reality spurned.
Before us waits the purple night,
which sends its echoes far and wide--
Its wisdom paints a palette of stars,
which sleep amid the pale moonlight.

The night dissolves in lustrous beams,
like roses kissed by flowing rains--
And violets pressed within each page,
of sainted bibles from ancestral chains.

Hearts float among the stirring sounds,
releasing tales of pain and sorrow--
Then echoes reach to touch the soul,
in mystical waves caressing tomorrows.

If only the echoes of night would allow,
the cycle of life's defining story--
To cast the sunshine in heavenly light,
rebounding in secret their majestic glory.
Rambling thoughts run through my mind,
ruminating, stirring, creating chaos--
I've awakened to these so many times,
and wondered if I could still be dreaming.

But looking around me I see the truth,
of the inescapable boundaries here--
Which cause my wanderings to appear,
as strange revelations inside my skin.

The walls close in around my eyes,
and the ceiling becomes a monstrous face--
Which suffocates me within a world,
of terrifying moments of pain and fear.

Then suddenly a spark within my soul,
lifts me high above this web of darkness--
As confidence wins its rightful place,
and Divinity placates my troubled home.

My eyes will see what they need to see,
and I'll live this day most peacefully.
I remember moments like this during my lifetime, only to be salvaged by my enduring faith.
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