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Climbing up the tree of sanity,
forgetting how I came to be;
A beginning or an ending calls,
between the fanciful purple walls.

Moving onward to reach the top,
looking forward to where I'd stop;
I've seen the mischief behind the walls,
where squabbles twist like little squalls.

Now where could I find my own place,
to start and end this boundless race ?
A step toward home is what I need,
yet wanderlust has been my creed.

It's all a fantasy that sweeps away,
the musky scent of battles at play;
On awakening from this hapless dream,
the world arranges another scheme.

And purple walls come tumbling down,
like violets torn from the underground;
But with the colors they have shown,
at last I've reached my sacred home.
As if falling from the highest hill,
breathless and disconcerted;
While the earth revolves so rapidly,
its motion a forceful assertion.

My thoughts are jumbled in disbelief,
of this quizzical dilemma;
The longest mile I've yet to climb,
sets forth an improbable agenda.

Just another shadowed episode,
in a sorry life of mass confusion;
For days the tricks have played upon,
my troubled soul in sorrowful delusion.

How do I survive these lonely times,
when my destiny seems quite uncertain?
While an undecided mission lies,
far behind a darkened curtain ?

So often lives are tossed about,
like tiny boats on a stormy sea;
Yet strength of will soon guides us,
from a spiritual source of energy.

For now I'll cease to wonder if,
my future will ever be realized;
While I plant my feet on solid ground,
with a burning hope I can survive .
We sat on the porch watching stars,
the night was supple and warm;
Into the sky we sent our dreams,
being mesmerized by its charms.

Next door a record played aloud,
a song we'd never known;
While holding hands we hummed along,
and the music became our own.

A blissful evening of deepest love,
began with just one kiss;
It seemed our dreams had come alive,
with heartfelt joy we dare not miss.

And as the notes floated through the air,
we exchanged a solemn vow;
To dance through life as husband and wife,
while remembering the 'here and now'.
The mists of evening shimmer in solitude,
desolate and cool the night descends;
Alert and alive--a poet's desired dream,
cascading hearts to miraculous ends.

Wading alone in the lake of divinity,
tossing stones which have called my name;
Floating words melt along the waters,
which soon, I must grasp and claim.

Holding my breath as the Muse gently calls,
in rushing sounds of translucent waves;
Waterfalls of life surround me now,
and the poem starts taking shape.

Left spellbound in the crisp autumn air,
I'm dazzled by nature's delight;
And the words which paint this portrait,
soon explode in magnificent light.
Once in awhile you sense a mystery,
from all that swirls within the night;
It carries your heart to an open door,
where you can discover a softer light.

This shine will greet your heavy heart,
with shades of golden warmth;
It covers you with twinkling stars,
and elevates your ebbing worth.

This journey brings a certain peace,
which quietly lives inside your soul;
The sparkling heavens then illuminate,
the truest path to your lifelong goal.

It seems the darkness of each night,
inspires that yearning feeling;
A loss of control so frightening,
it sends our emotions reeling.

But if you walk beyond that sunny door,
and bask in its wealth of honor;
Your life will improve with every step,
as dawn arrives in glorious wonder !
The eerie and soulful night can reveal a starlight's wonder,
if you open up that golden door and see what's waiting yonder !
The way I feel about her now,
brings teardrops to my eyes;
We were so close then fell away,
because of silly words and lies.
Honesty, integrity, best policies, we say,
But the rules of life simply fell apart;
and our friendship didn't stay.

Now I watch those yellow roses,
opening up in my backyard;
I once heard they meant love of friends,
but they nearly break my heart.

Life's too brief to quarrel,
yet often we just do;
If only a rose could solve the hurt,
we'd always see it through !

Yellow roses are a gift from God,
and we should never shun;
The chance to heal the painful stain,
to start again, shining in the sun !
This brief poem is based on personal experience, and many folks can probably relate to its theme !
Vandals overwhelm with beastly intention,
love is lost now--no more connection;
The world is spinning out of control,
and hearts are broken inside our souls.

Captivated by earth's magnetic power,
the vandals grasping hold devours;
Our reasons for hoping and praying still,
despite the fact we could all be killed.

Close to our living quarters they roam,
like demons haunting, throwing stones;
Nowhere else can innocent folks retreat,
slipping slowly, cautiously down the street.

If humankind can muster its will,
to violate the lurking evil's skill;
Then vandals won't stand a chance today,
(but tomorrow is surely another day).
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