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Goodbyes are apt to set the record straight,
as if we've stumbled through an iron gate;
Correctly now we take the hint from above,
there's nothing left for us not even love.
Look to the heavenly skies above,
and follow your heart to the world of love;
Where night and day are always sure,
to lighten our moods in miraculous cure.

Follow the dreams of your desire,
don't let strangers put out the fire;
Family and friends will stay by your side,
while you enjoy this emotional ride.

Elegant movements among the clouds,
speak to the folks that gather in crowds;
To share the time we have on this earth,
each loving hour of bliss and mirth.

And when you're old and memory dims,
your mind will be filled right to the brim;
With glances of years that meant so much,
easily reached again through a sacred touch.

Saying goodbye to all you've known,
can cause frightening moments--overblown;
But grab onto those memories that rise within,
and follow the pathway--you're bound to win !
I wrote this several years ago, trying to inspire love and peace within our hearts, and encouragement to follow our dreams ! FM
Looking to turn the page of indifference,
spiraling out of control in our world;
Folks gather to share their misgivings,
about whether this will ever be cured.

In equity there's the soul of humankind,
we struggle to meet the expectations;
Of freedom to be who we are and accepted,
to some folks these feelings are just flirtations.

Yet it's important to realize we all have to gain,
the promise of love deep within our spheres;
And touching one another's hearts with understanding,
is the way to create a world without tears.

Without setting goals to be more compassionate,
to use the God-given sense of empathy within;
We're lost in a world that will soon crumble,
and be buried by the neglectful notions and sins.
As images float before my eyes,
caressing the Autumn's velvet skies;
With multi-colored sparks they shed,
beyond the window beside my bed.

Gossamer angels of light and life,
teach wondrous tales to ease our strife;
While flying high in such a mystical place,
of constellations covering this saintly space.

The wonders of nature run through my mind,
while the opal moon shimmers like a dime;
I lie awake and watch the starlight fantasies,
which embolden my senses--feeling calm and free.

As I pull the covers toward my face,
yet wondering if reality has taken place;
My eyes close as sleep overcomes every care,
while the stars still twinkle in heaven's lair.
Your touch keeps me awake at night,
its depth is like an angel's wing;
Light as a feather yet burns with desire,
you have always been my everything.

From first we met in the dawn of day,
the summer sun glowing strongly;
Your eyes sparkled like the ocean's waves,
I had never felt such intense longing.

Now it's Autumn and we're still together,
tied in knots of faded bittersweet berries;
The memories captured now in sheer delight,
our hopes are glorious with no time for worries.

We're off on a journey to stake our claim,
the winds will soon shift in our direction;
We'll never be lost as long as we live,
every day is filled with love and affection.
I found this among my older was an "homage" to my husband and our everlasting love. I could change it, but I'll keep it short and sweet !  FEM
The rustling leaves of golden hue,
tell the story of Autumn's view;
They glimmer and glow like the stars,
which shine in the indigo sky afar.

And when they fall they tell the truth,
of Autumnal descension upon our roof;
Setting the table for cold and frosty air,
that fills our lungs and keeps us aware.

Our hearts rely on Autumn's pleasures,
to assure us all of the Lord's holy treasures;
And when the breezes blow hard and fast,
we realize Summertime could never last.

With memories clear of September smiles,
watching sapphire rain that flows for miles;
And when misty October opens its door,
the luxurious sites of scarlet endure !
While losing a sense of inevitable discovery,
and wandering from the galactic ambiance;
I paint a portrait along with the waning stars,
which guide me into a cosmic trance.

White light pierces the hectic scramble,
of planets divulging their intimate secrets;
And asteroids crash into the sea of silence,
where an unworthy moon reveals its regrets.

Calming the chaos within this mystical space,
bringing forward a myriad of sins not forgiven;
The sun delights in a showering of angelic force,
which commands the light of day to enliven.

Clear eyed yet wondering how all this matters,
when the rain and wind can disrupt the visions;
Of celestial peace which appears to scatter about,
the revelations rising from fear and delusions.
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