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Blue, pink, purple, songstress of the heavens,
I hear those tantalizing notes in mystical colors;
Framing each phrase with softness and wonder,
every sound rises with an exceptional allure.

Black, gray, tumbling and grumbling tunes,
explode with awkward but powerful precision;
The wetness of the heavy rain embraces the earth,
as if the sky's mellifluous flow reaches a decision.

Yellow, amber, golden hues glancing through life,
singing their way along the channels of secrecy;
Yet burgeoning with wholesome welcoming sighs,
brightly shining for everyone to hear and see.

The sky's melody rings throughout castles of time,
built strongly with lingering hope and inspiration;
And when the breezes of changing seasons fly by,
we're protected and enchanted by their glorification.
The shadows are lifting from my heart,
as I recall our days and nights together;
Amazing moments took us to higher ground,
as we fought to stay cool in the hottest weather.

The ocean looked ravaged with raucous waves,
but your eyes were peaceful, loving and serene;
I lost myself in your every look, every word,
and forgot to be selfishly overwhelmed and mean.

More of you--brought tears and smiles to me,
the less I had to worry about what was my own;
Your abiding faith in me, my very presence,
lifted my spirits in a way I'd never known.

The coolness of dawn brought me down to earth,
and lessened the pain of summer's scorching heat;
In your world I was captivated by true love,
and my heart joined with yours--not skipping a beat.
Emotions--tied together in rings of camouflage,
building up in a series of songs and sighs;
As the heart beats mysteriously, irreverently,
while hopeless tears explode from captive eyes.

Portraits--of sinister solutions surely project,
the wanton hurt of many passionate moments;
Cries from the soulless, the mastermind falling,
as drifting snowflakes dissolve from missives sent.

Fear--those wordless notions of discontent,
built like pyramids to last in the eternal sphere;
Gravely woven into a faded, jumbled tapestry,
weakened by Fate, holding on with pride revered.

Words--how they burden us with legacies,
descriptive and expressive but not always right;
The ghosts of our past seem ever-present now,
as they seek what's meaningful in spirits of the night.
Time is just a transitory journey,
which captivates the moment's eye;
And uplifts all wondering gazes,
toward a sense of spirituality on high.

The seekers we have soon become,
fly endlessly through treasured spaces;
And give joyous meaning to our lives,
despite the clouds' attempts to erase us.

As shadows fall around the stalwart trees,
they beckon to our core of resistance;
And soon our loathsome shells of fear dissolve,
while our souls struggle to go the distance.

The ephemeral notion appears as a quandary,
whenever we tend to question its true value;
In a blink of a eye the mystical moment passes,
yet with serenity and calm we find renewal.
A lowly dawn exposes feelings of regret,
in angst filled notions of hollowness;
I try to conform to what is expected,
but somehow I shut the door to openness.

As the sunlight caresses my weary self,
I still cannot move to today's rhythms;
A daunting task it is to walk the halls,
of a daily life created by cryptic prisms.

If I didn't care I wouldn't be so solemn,
the words seem to tumble from my sorry brain;
Love--a catharsis for many but not for me,
It's a language which can bring such sorrow and pain.

Yet somehow the wounds of the past retreat,
and I'm able to breathe deeply without remorse;
Your tearful face appears briefly before my eyes,
and in salvation I'll avoid this treacherous course.
Each day seems as if it's been here before,
evoking memories which play on emotions;
The years fly by without reason or rhyme,
standing cold and still--like a frozen ocean.

Yet through it all we stake our claim,
and wonder if life's quandaries are real;
Like a carnival balloon floating on high,
we let loose with our conflicting feelings.

On the beach we lie on our sands of time,
without noticing the cosmic effects;
Of the burning sun on our oiled bodies,
when our minds and souls seem to connect.

Then as the rain falls down in sheets,
with the sea now tossing and turning;
And lost in one overwhelming wave,
the sands of time have begun churning.

Safely landing among the rocks and gulls,
a clarity of thought arises within us;
In heavenly bliss we've come to know,
that the answers were always within us.
Just listen to how the winds whisper,
and feel how the air begins to change;
With springtime nearer to our hearts,
calming breezes shift as leaves rearrange.

Colors of jade from the trees above,
their robust fullness since aroused;
And when the sparkling rain arrives,
each leaf is engaged in subtle tosses.

While cool emerald grasses wave hello,
and greet us gently with their wonder;
Sweet are the winds from lilac bushes,
their scent strewn above and yonder.

We welcome the colors of blissful days,
as our hair flies softly toward the skies;
And May's sunlit beauty embellishes the scene,
when we capture each breeze through our eyes.
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