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declan morrow Jan 2019
your eyes are
more potent
than any pill
i could swallow.

not of this earth
the nearest i can reach
to the image of god:
a deep muddy earth
i think they're sweet
like chocolate

but they punish me
without thought,
peeling off
each layer of
my endurance until
there won't be
anyone left:
nothing left of
who i was

so here we are

i remain latched
to the thought of you.

and you
you're as blind as ever.
boys am i right? especially boys who don't know who they are.
blaise Nov 2018
my boy with fig leaves and lightning bugs
******* in his hair, he kneels with
crimson palms pressed to the unquiet dirt
and hums an abandoned melody.

my boy with sunbeams shining through his skin on the riverbank,
neatly coating the grass in thin white trails, woven into footprints like cotton twine, snaking their way across brown earth,
ankles slick with mud and the dead things that lay just underneath.

my boy with rosewater and stained glass ashes
feels me bless him with blackberries and the softest crush of words,
ice cubed, beneath my lips,
as he wipes the ichor from my chest with callouses
worn down gentle.

the light echoes from his skin
there are no symphonies nor sacraments,
only cicadas singing warmth to shivering willows.
2019 scholastic writing awards gold key winner
blaise Jun 2017
the sunset imbues its last glance
as molten lavas cool into exotic crimson
painting the color of romance over the horizon.
the clouds flew,
and you closed your eyes,
cicada songs humming through your ears,
and pink hues glowing across your cheeks.

then, i saw your chocolate brown
eyes gazing out in awe.
your fawn satin skin seemed so delicate,
as did your jet black hair.
coral florets glowed among fluorescent orange, yellow, pink flavescent clouds, calm in migration.

the west reaches for clothes of new colors
which it passes to a row of ancient trees.
you open your eyes, and soon these two worlds both leave you;
one part climbs toward heaven, one sinks to earth.

it's nearly dark now, and the stars are peaking out amongst the clouds.
you're lying in the grass, feeling every strand tickle your bare legs.
you close your eyes again, and the air you're breathing is hot and heavy.

i strode my fingers through your hair, sighing softly
gazing away at
blue evening grandeur skies, and you smiled…

pastels in yellow flow around my scene
and i relish in the comely gold light for at last,
we are gazing at the same sun.
based on a prompt my best friend gave me!!
Adriaan Harms May 2017
I'm a work of art, your protege.
You're my sculpture, my teacher.

I'm your troublemaker, your rebel.
You're my lover, my peacemaker.

I'm a poet, your songwriter.
You're my inspiration, my muse.

I'm a changer, a modifier of life.
You're my guide, my leader.

I was a hater, a freak.
You made me better,
An individual with a love for life and
A man of creativity.

You're the remover of hate,
And the replacer of love.

You saw me as I am,
As the person I was meant to be.
Piece by piece and step by step
You put back the parts of my broken self.

You didn't abandon me in need,
You didn't leave me when you saw the red flags,
You stayed,
You made me drop the anger and put up the surrender.

You took me in,
You loved me.
You made me see life in a way I never knew existed.

You love me now,
You'll love me always.
Forever till forever meets no end,
You're love knows no limits
And is meant to be eternal.
This is a poem about how much my boyfriend actually loves me and how much he has changed me in the time we were together...
Tab Nov 2016
i loved her so much
i've never loved something
or someone
so pure
so raw
so beautiful
in my whole life
she left me warm
before she left me
i've never missed someone as much as i miss you
He is holding his hands,
Kissing his neck,
trying to reach his perfumed hair
Touch is urge, gaze is need, don't say a thing while we are looking for wonder
Eyes greener than grass,
Lips softer than feather,
It seems like everything matter under his thin jacket of leather
eb Nov 2015
A look, that look, reaches my core.
Your words, still echo in the chambers of my soul.
I wish I could be happy in this silence
but it is you, it is you
I seek.
Your chaos calms me.
Your absence shatters me.
eb Oct 2015
"This is real,"
said the voice,
"but no one can know"

"and no one will",
it continues,
"for no one knows
what is real anyway."
belyamarie May 2015
When words fail,
I love.

When actions are invalid,
I am able.

Where limitations scar,
I dare go forth.

Where the norms go to die,
I am found.
I am kept.
I am alive.
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