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Christopher Sep 2018
Hard to believe it happened so quick.
Just years ago you were mine,
And we had so much time.
We had a great vacation my love.

My sunshine you were and you always will be.
But now you fly east with G and *****.

I enjoyed our getaway to somewhere better.
You made me feel loved,
She made me feel special.
And though our relationship was never existant,
I treat it like someone I really knew just left me to a new continent.

I'll see you next winter when I get too cold at this forsaken retirement home.
Maybe then I'll see the east and I can finally say,
I'll never feel a day.
I'll meet you at the Eastern gates.
Uta Jul 2018
And she visited heaven many times,

but they never let her in,

she saw a golden river,

of restless souls,

she cried and grieved so hard,

seeing angels fall,

her broken heart,

was destroyed,

into thousands of pieces,

because of what she saw

in front of heavenly gates.
Comment and tell me what you think!

What did this girl, saw in front of the heavenly gates?
Eleanor Rigby Jun 2018
I removed myself
And walked right through
The gates of hell -
I saw it all - blazing in flames
My sins before me -
Like two wolves on my porch
That came back
To devour me.

-- Eleanor
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Celestial pilot
Cast down through midnight abyss
Accursed gates now home
Joe Apr 2018
Castles sitting with walls so grand,
sitting high, like great dunes of sand.
A special treasure shared by those within.
Oh! How I wish I could stroll right in!
To obtain this treasure so unknown!
But the gate is shut, so I sit, alone.
Dirty Word Dec 2017
The Dove flies through
Gets trapped in gates
The Raven comes out
Gets ignored

The Dog runs through
Gets trapped in the gates
The Wolf comes out
Gets ignored

The man walks through
Gets trapped in the gates
The Man comes out
Gets ignored

The Gates of Hell
do magical things
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
People spend money like water.
Especially the wealthy. As water flows downstream,
more comes in.
But for the poor, they live in a constant drought.
The sun is harsh for them so they labor hard to get by.
Until more gates open for the wealthy, they will
never know the value of a single drop...
Be grateful for what you have. Starting my life now, and my eyes are hit with the harshness of life. Its actually...quite terrifying
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