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Bede Sep 2019
I'm cleaning around my room
And I feel the energy shifting.
The cool breeze entering
Through the open doorway.

It is an omen
A pray for today.
Right ruddy is the face
Whose eyes stare upon my home
With a clear mind
And an open heart.
Bede Sep 2019
Cleaned up my poems
And my act.
May I take this as
Another gnomic lesson
Bede Sep 2019
I'll forever hold you close,
My dearest friend,
If platonic soulmates truly exist,
When things are finally calm,
I'll be happy to call you mine.
No matter what happens, you're still a friend who I adore.
Bede Sep 2019
I just wish, one confession after another, that they'd be believed.
I pour my heart out into doubt, or into uncertainty, and I'm okay with pledging love to a void where I know not love goes.
Like throwing a rock into space,
I'll toss my heart into the fray,
And I'll fight tooth and nail to be the best thing for you
  Sep 2019 Bede
i dream of you
that's all i do
i see your smile in every star
i find your name in every song
i hear your voice in every whisper
i feel your hands in every tight knit t-shirt
that's all i do
i dream of you
i walk with you
i talk with you
i live with you
i breathe with you
but i only dream of you
that's all i do
a    l     l         i         d     o
All i do
is not
what i want to do
i don't want to dream
i want to live
with you
Bede Sep 2019
There's nothing I can do
But show her all of my love
And wait.
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