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Shawn Oct 2017
too many souls
live life like
it's a test
always rushing
to absorb the
i n f o r m a t i o n
nothing is
in  f o r m a t i o n.
Shawn Oct 2017
again and again
  i find myself on this dirt path, s e e
jagged memories and
  missed opportunities zoom past, m e
so i gather my thoughts
  sunsets of yesterdays don't last, w e
clash with tomorrows
  hoping we don't crash, b r e a t h e
although today seems grey
and the sun's a slim chance
again and again
  i put my shades on
  and walk this dirt path.
Shawn Oct 2017
The sun
brightens the day
and the
moon illuminates the night
but you,
your laughter
a n i m a t e s  m y  h e a r t
  and your kisses
   b r e a t h e  l i f e  i n t o  m y  s o u l .
Shawn Oct 2017
Please forgive me
for i have not
so innocent
day of departure,
when i promised
to forget you,
i selfishly
promised myself
not to.
Shawn Oct 2017
Is it
immoral of me
or just mortal of me,
that i want you
more than the heavens . . .

— The End —