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Sasha  Feb 2016
Dear Others,
Sasha Feb 2016
Dear Mom and Dad,
Forgive me for I have forgotten what it's like to wake up to both of your smiles.
Forgive me for I still hate the sound of your endless bickering.
Forgive for I don't try hard enough.
Forgive for I am tired.
Forgive me for I live out of a backpack.
Forgive me for you no longer sleep under the same roof.

Dear Brother,
Forgive me for I don't want you to leave.
Forgive me for I don't open up to you.
Forgive me for you have to wipe away my salty tears.
Forgive me for you have to be strong for the both of us.  

Dear Best Friends,
Forgive me for I am too close to your boyfriend.
Forgive me for I don't believe your crush will ever like you.
Forgive me for I ignore you when you talk about leaving.
Forgive me for I don't talk to you anymore.
Forgive me for I am selfish.

Dear crush,
Forgive me for I like you.
Forgive me for I think of you.
Forgive me for I make fun of you and tease you.
Forgive me for I admire your soft lips.
Forgive me for I stare at you.
Forgive me for I want to feel love.

Dear Others,
Forgive me for I am Myself.
Forgive me for I hate the way I look.
Forgive me for I get sad.
Forgive me for I disagree with people.
Forgive me for I like to dance.
Forgive me for I like to write.
Forgive me for I like to read.
Forgive me for I complain.
Forgive me for I am Human.
Thinking of transforming into spoken word
Valerie Feb 2011
Forgive me for being happy
Forgive me for not wallowing in my misery
Forgive me for being in love
Forgive me for now bowing humbly.
Forgive me for being honest
Forgive me for seeing through your lies
Forgive me for crying
Forgive me for asking why.
Forgive me for speaking up
Forgive me for acting out
Forgive me for maturing quickly
Forgive me for having doubt.
Forgive me for being paranoid
Forgive me for laughing at you
Forgive me for being there
Forgive me for expecting you to.
Forgive me for having a will
Forgive me for being strong
Forgive me for being human
Forgive me for being wrong.
Forgive me for being strange
Forgive me for being right
Forgive me for being broken
Forgive me for putting up a fight.
Forgive me now or forever hold your peace
Because I won't wait around
Not for you, at least.
SSK<3  AKA: Valerie Garcia
Taylor Nichelle Apr 2015
Please forgive the lies.
Those lies you realized were real lies in your eyes, that look at my eyes that cries.
Please forgive my tick, my tick that flicks when you click my impatience.
Please try to forgive the tears I cried, my hands tied down to the chair of my stupidness.
Forgive me for the different masks I've worn because I was born with a face torn..
Please, forgive me for looking at that mirror
Preparing, to attack and smack
Break this make-up of me and off my face.
Forgive those scars across my heart that left marks on my inner wrists, forgive my fists that ball,
hit walls and doors to settle the score between love and hate.
Please forgive me for wasting your time, I'm fine. That line, like the line you wait behind dozens of people who I've said that to.. please forgive me when you tell me "I'm beautiful" because the thought of me possibly, being pretty, is new to me.
Forgive me when I say I'm lonely or feeling alone because I only have myself in my mind
and behind the door of thoughts are secrets kept, sept underneath the rug if uncertainty.
Insecurities, get the best of me,
Forgive my darkness
Forgive my awkwardness
Forgive my serial killer mentality, hunting down, killing off my confidence and any compliments I receive.
I enjoy bringing myself to low points
And at this point, I need a new point. A hight point. And the distance between my low point and my high point is a long line of self awareness and weakness.
I digress, my progress is better, my confidence is higher, I guess..
You'll be impressed with what you don't know,
What you should know,
But what I don't show.
My confusing image of myself
"Love thy self"
Lord please forgive me for I have sinned.
Trying to die earlier than intended is a sin.
Trying to force pain amongst my body is a sin.
Please forgive my dark thoughts, my depressed ways.
Forgive those who attempt the same attempts  i attempt.
Forgive those who drag themselves to the ground, buried underground with tomb stones above their heads.
Forgive the knives they used to bleed out their tears and sadness.
Forgive the pills that sit in the stomach of the people lying on the bathroom floor unaware of their scared mothers faces.
Forgive the flowers you place in front of their grave of hopefulness buried with terrible self consciousness.
Please forgive me when I say, please don't delay, but I really can't stay..
I forgive you for the rumors you spread
I forgive you for cheating on me
I forgive you for criticizing my looks
I forgive you for cursing me with insecurities
I forgive you for choosing alcohol over me
I forgive you for the lies you told
I forgive you for all the sleepless nights
I forgive you for stealing my hope
I forgive you for turning my friends agaisnt me
I forgive you for comparing me to her
I forgive you for making me out to be a *****
I forgive you for using my pain agaisnt me
I forgive you for making me feel so low
I forgive you for the mean texts
I forgive you for stealing my property
I forgive you for using me for ***
I forgive you for the harsh words
I forgive you for being fake
I forgive myself for letting you have power over me
I forgive you for becoming the person you said you’d never be
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: November. 13, 2014 Thursday 2:49 A.M.
billiondays Nov 2014
To the first boy
Who broke my heart
Telling me that cheating
Is really no big deal.

"I forgive you."

To the person who
Wasn't paying attention,
Texting and driving,
Then colliding with me.

"I forgive you."

To the man who thought
It was a good idea
To break my heart,
And his fiancé's too.

"I forgive you."

To the one who said
He loved me,
Yet in public
Wouldn't touch me.

"I forgive you."

To the friend who
Wasn't really a friend,
Pushed himself into me
Without hearing my pleas.

"I forgive you."

To the man who decided
To have *** with her,
Resulting in a pregnancy
That ruined us.

"I forgive you."

To every person
Who has hurt me
In one way or another,
Small or great.

"I forgive you."

To the person who
Can't find it in themselves
To offer forgiveness
Due to overwhelming pain.

"I forgive them for you."

To those who decided
To give this poem a read,
Tell me now if you think
The world is a little brighter.

If not, "I forgive you."

If you cannot find
Love in you, know
"I forgive you"
For the hate in your heart;

For the cold that now
Encases you,
Not permitting that
Forgiveness to take hold;

To love those who
Have hurt us before,
To care because
We all have those days,

To smile and spread
The warmth of love,
To hold someone else
Because you know the ache.

"I forgive you"
For the hate.
"I forgive you"
For the anger.

"I forgive you"
For the lust.
"I forgive you"
For the danger.

Remember to forgive,
We are all the same
Sinners in this hell,
And living in pain.

– billiondays
Out of all the poems I've made, I like this one the most.
Mr Vampire  Jul 2015
Forgive Me
Mr Vampire Jul 2015
Forgive me for remembering
what should not be remembered
Forgive me for questioning
what should not be questioned
Forgive me for apprehending
what should not be apprehended
Forgive me for persisting
what should not be persisted

Forgive me for pretending
what should not be pretended
Forgive me for enjoying
what should not be enjoyed
Forgive me for hurting
what should not be hurt
Forgive me for aiding
what should not be aid

Forgive me for trying
what should not be tried
Forgive me for fighting
what should not be fought
Forgive me for letting go
what should not be let go
Forgive me for thinking
what should not be thought

Forgive me for starting
what should not have started
Forgive me for ending
what should not have ended
Forgive me for breaking
what should not have been broken
Forgive me for forgetting
what should not have been forgotten
I forgive you.
For all the things you’ve done to me.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For all the times your empty promises trickled through my head like a mountain spring.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For the color red.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For when you said you would love me, then you left me.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For the grass on that hill that sways every morning in the breeze.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For not being strong enough.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For the stone that’s got your name carved into it.
I forgive you.

I forgive you.
For leaving me at your own will.
Really, I do.

I forgive you.

— The End —