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Ten Mercado Aug 13
i’ve always admired
the existence of flowers
each one
uniquely beautiful
like every person on earth

and somehow
the more i climb,
the more flowers
i get to see
Mallory Jun 2019
Misplaced love.

It’s such a habit
to be sad about it.

But I rearrange the pieces
of my brokenness
until I am mosaic of grievances.
I want to be closer to happiness.

Today I taste the light
as I lick the sun.
I am delicate and strong.
Soft and loved.
I am enough.
I will be enough.
Evie Richards Sep 2017
I thought I'd hit my lowest point,
that I had nowhere left to sink,
that the darkest place I could ever reach
was stuck within my finger-tips.

But I can see the light shining through
from behind fingers solidly stuck,
And I guess I didn't have much to loose
before I could build myself back up.
LoveLy Oct 2015
Breathe in deep.
Take in all that pains you.
Let it touch your life
Breathe out fully.
Remember it'll be better in the end.
Jamie Jul 2014
A part of me feels
I only write when I feel

When I have nothing
I am empty but seemingly content

As I write in this moment
I have no emotion for once

Perhaps I know
Something on the horizon is coming

Maybe I should take some time
To not force anymore but take it as it comes
Looking up for the first time in months

— The End —