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K Balachandran Mar 2017
A fleeting face to face,
on a humid tropical evening,
was the first time;
it felt like a shower.

But our probing  eyes
must have known better,
they curtly demanded
one more quick look
as we passed
each other;
we were obedience personified!

Then eyes met eyes
many times by chance.
Two birds of passage
found themselves
preening feathers
on the branches of the same tree
chosen in an impulse,
proved so right!

You sit with your crowd
on the side of a long step
one on the flight to the cinema
a favourite spot I learn, later.
The arrow from your eyes
hit it's gleaming point where it should
with such sweet force
as I come down the steps
and I become  a falling feather.

At the shadow of the book shelf
I find you , a pigeon soft  
sitting at the table across me,
making our lonely hearts
speak in the eloquence
of loud thumps
in enforced silence.

But the true meeting
did happen in between--
in that expanding space
of sweet, sweet silence
within us blowing trumpets!

Your eyes were the keys
to open the door to that chamber,
through the keyhole of my heart,
love bled copiously from that impact,
like nectar, which I was
tasting for the first time ever.
Are you aware what happens in course of heart's flight to it's pair
S R Mats Jul 2016
I can feel your sighs.
I can hear the breath coming in
And going out of your chest.

I can hear your heartbeat,
Feel the warmth of your blood
Gushing through dilated veins
Flush with heat.

And I wonder,
Where am I
In the equation?
Mariel Ramirez Jan 2016
If you remember how it felt
to dream of her at night, then you remember me -
The love you lost and couldn't keep.
The first time you looked into her eyes
and realized you were happy;
to the girl you thought you would marry.

Do you remember how it felt
to have her near, not yours to touch
Do you remember feeling everything so much?
Because first love is always an only.

If you remember how it felt to cry at night,
then you remember me.
You thought nothing could ever hurt you
that deeply. Your heart so brave and clumsy,
so sorry for itself. You belonged to someone else.

And yet look back and remember,
that girl made you less scared. You took risks
and you learned, and you grew,
and it hurt; it was the first -
the love you lost and couldn't forget.

The girl who went and changed
everything, the light of your world,
the love that made you believe
in heaven, 'cause she was an angel on earth

Though in the end she saw you
as nothing more than a friend,
you loved once, and you will love again.
Paul Butters Jun 2015
It started when she said Hello
Over forty years ago.
She was the only one to do so I suppose.
My heart was twanged
And I wanted her so bad.
Still it pains me so today,
I couldn’t find the words to say.

All I got was unrequited-love sick blues.
I couldn’t eat a thing
For weeks on end.

At a party she sat alone,
Seemingly aloof,
‘Til someone else stepped in...

Hindsight says she didn’t like me anyway:
She criticised my teenage spots
And the way I danced.

I wasted so much time on her,
Spurning others for my senseless crush.
Giving up only when her long distance boyfriend appeared.

Since then I’ve always guarded
Against getting emotionally involved
Before being socially involved.

It has been said that I’m aloof,
Staying on the fringe,
Avoiding commitment.

You have to take that risk
They say,
There is no other way.

I’ve seen the pain that “Love” can bring,
Romantic songs I will not sing.
I’d rather stay here on the shelf,
Peacefully living with myself.

Paul Butters
A rare exploration of my personal feelings.
Shield Maiden Apr 2015
I can still feel you on my lips
The taste of your tongue
Which made my head swum
I gave you all my heart
My first ever love

But someone so cute as you
Brought me so much misery and doom
You destroyed both me and you
With all your cheating, lies
Now you are being despised

See what you have done
So much suffering
That I can’t go on
Leave me alone
Enjoy your parties
And so long
I tried to make a happy poem but clearly it had a mind of its own. I hope you enjoy.
Paul Sands Apr 2015
rejected in life

and so in death

and so in life
I would have shed no tears

had I not loved you still

there is no statute of limitations
on a broken heart
I recently discovered that the first real love of my life died in 2009 (aged 48) and I hadn't a clue. It hit me like a freight train and this was my immediate sputtered reaction
Sarah Pitman May 2014
See the thing is
I could tell you
I love you
In 167 or however many
Different languages.
And I could hope it would suffice.
Or I could whisper it
Against your lips,
Our silhouettes entwined
In the light of an alarm clock
That reads
Sarah Pitman May 2014
“Your laugh
Is the second best
Sound I've ever heard.”
“What's the first?”
“Hearing you say
You love me, too.”

— The End —