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Shield Maiden Oct 2016
A lone wolf howling at the moon
you feel a darkness creeping up on you
the fog that follows you step by step
footsteps crack, crack, crack
headlights ahead
thank God

I’m safe again
Shield Maiden Oct 2016
dark age clashing iron
winged fire demons dying
skeletons scattered
my first Haiku
Shield Maiden May 2016
why do people always change
for others or themselves
why can't people let people be
comfortable in their own reality

stay true to yourself
don't let them get to you or else...
the only real thing that matters
is living with your own self
a poem written for a contest on
Shield Maiden May 2016
all I ever wanted to be
was to be yours
so you tell me
since you have rejected me

now I'm lost
living without a cause
except for one
trying to keep living on

with a broken soul
may I add
a wrapped bandaged chest
and a shield up ahead

I now want to be
a person who sees
right from wrong
and is strong
a poem written for a contest on
Shield Maiden May 2016
screaming inside my head
whereas you never seem to listen
13 words for a contest i joined at
Shield Maiden May 2016
You have been only once on my bed
Now I can’t get that image out of my head
I can’t find sleep nor desire to eat
I feel like a freak

I’m writing all these poems
Just to forget
The feelings that I have
For you just being an amazing friend

I couldn’t stop staring
At your lushes pierced lips
Your gorgeous blue eyes
That was a winners price

The noises you made
Girl, they made me suffocate
My heart thumped, vision blurred
I never wanted to kiss you so bad

The hug at the end
Where you wickedly smiled
Knowing I adored you
I knew I was being a hopeless child
I can't get rid of this girl in my head
  May 2016 Shield Maiden
Katie Ann
I was right in thinking
you needed to be loved
I was wrong in thinking
mine was enough
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