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S R Mats Jul 2016
I can feel your sighs.
I can hear the breath coming in
And going out of your chest.

I can hear your heartbeat,
Feel the warmth of your blood
Gushing through dilated veins
Flush with heat.

And I wonder,
Where am I
In the equation?
Poetry by MAN May 2015
Ooh Lu ma I want to kiss your lips
Number one top on my bucket list
For me there is only you
I've felt the false I want the true
Life isn't easy in fact it's cruel
We navigate through obstacles it's what we do
Not a perfect story or favorite song
To understand what's right we have to know what's wrong
Emotions weak? Hell no their strong!
A love that leaves one better when it is gone
Look..Let me show you what you cannot see
With words I can paint reality
Example..I am one unfinished book
Chapters of the many risks I took
Gangsta of love I played the crook
Now the sum of ingredients watch me cook
Enough about me back to you
I want to hold your hand all life through
Wish for me like I wish for you
For my one true..I say I do...
M.A.N 10-3-14 I wrote this awhile back..feeling a bit corny today..hmm why not put it out..Ooh Lu ma I hope you find it delicious full of love which makes it nutritious..∞ ƸӜƷ
JadedSoul Aug 2014
I get home after a long day
and she can't wait!
She rushes out the house
right into my arms!

Excited just to see me
take my cares and sorrows of the day
and make them go away.
Seems as if me coming home
is the very best part of her day.

She forgives in a blink -
sits against me with her soft hair
her heart racing
at the thought of her first love
- her only love -
being by her side.

Sitting on my lap, she looks at me
Her blonde fringe hangs
between her beautiful brown eyes

How I love this dog!
If only humans can love
like this little dog!
Content and happy -
her love's home and she's complete
Inspired by my ever loving, faithful dog. Always happy to see me, just to be with me is the greatest thing to her. I love you my little puppy

— The End —