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The nakedness of a woman, her quintessence, is up
and to the right. This is the locus of her femininity. I
feel it. It is, of course, exquisite. When I hold her, it is
her ineffable womanness that embraces me. I am in-
ebriated by her beauty, drunk with euphoria. She pours
all of herself into me. She saturates me with every drop
of her being. She is my ultimate complement, spiritually
and sexually. Her hair, her skin, her gentle, blue eyes
increase exponentially her limitless, spellbinding aura.
Is she not the glory of the heavens? I am enchanted
forever--forever, my dearest.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and human-rights advocate his entire adult life. He recently finished his novel, A CHILD FOR AMARANTH.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
Never was my favorite color

You were in pink
On the first appearance
Then, It happened

Feel your presence
In my first book
Canvas: Echoes And Reflection

Long live
Being eternal
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Colourful Vibes || Color Perception
PoeticPresident Jun 2017
Feminine being you are intellectual
Don't disregard the pessimism;
let it perceive your strength
You may not be as muscular
as a body builder
but you are strong
Let your hips stride
from side to side
and express the pride
you have inside
Let your roots withstand your ground
for you petals are so profound
Let your nails be the thorns
of protection to the newly born
Let your bright eyes
have men be mesmerised
Let them drown into your soul
which they've now turned cold

for your temple is true pulchritude;
be conceit over that
Never let their intolerance
define all your flaws
for that dear brethren
doesn't carry your burden
You gave birth to an infant
from your womb on this land
So demand respect this instant
for you are hiding it in a tomb

I know you're narcissistic
I know you are!
So make this world optimistic
Please feminine being...
The strength bestowed upon us can turn into a heavy burden,
One which our scrawny shoulders sometimes can't carry,
Or our tired backs from entering the journey of womanhood,
Or even our bruised and battered souls that continue to brave on along this path of emotional, mental and even physical scaring we live to bear.

Maybe being a woman means I'm supposed to be inferior to my other half,
Or bowing to him as if he had turned into a humanly form of a deity that I am supposed to worship.

I am a person,
I am that face society either frowns or smiles upon,
I break,
I soldier on,
I cry,
I laugh...
and boy, is it quite an interesting journey of self-realisation.

But at the end of the day,
I want to raise my voice to the sound of jubilance,
Not to news of someone getting *****;
a girl not going to school because she is not 'smart enough';
a cry from the brutality at the hands of another;
another statistic telling us the measure of a woman, when compared to a man;
another dream dying because your belief in yourself and the capabilities you possess has become a distortion of what everyone believes to be 'right/wrong'

You'll be given varying descriptions,
And that's okay...

Avijeet Das May 2015
Feminity for me
was discovering you
when I took you for a ride
on my bajaj discover
Charming for me
was talking to you
when you would call me
and I would call you
and we would talk
till 3:00am in the morning
Love for me is you
when I get blazingly angry
almost raging like a mad bull
and you calm me down
with your patience and grace
~ avijeet musafir das
Lena Bitare Dec 2014
Smells of bouquet
Lands on her dress

Laces and Braid
She catches each breathe

Air of romance
Seen on her dance

Pink and red roses
Fall upon her hair

Femme, my lady
She's a beautiful femme

— The End —