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Truth is far away from eyes, 
The mind is hugged with naked lies, 

Values of themselves, many do not know,
Having skin of eagle, caws like a crow, 

Word is same, the meaning is different, 
Having the face of a human but the heart is diffident, 

Realization is hard, of humankind, 
Perceived from roots, the human mind, 

The vision of mine is weak and dumb,
 And mind mixed with ashes and bomb,

 Beautiful faces often forget the reality
 And the worth of charm, and value of eternity,
Hills are covered with newly born weeds,
Songs are singing there by migrated birds breeds,
At the top, moon is just showing us its lovely face,
Look the nature is presenting itself with a courageous grace,

Dew is blinking like a diamond over the greenery,
When small breeze is moving the grass all over the scenery,
Cherry is flowered with White blanket of petals,
All over the river side and the house of cattle,

Fragrance of Orange trees flowers attract the souls,
When someone enter my home from either poles,
Looks like a green blanket, newly grass in lawn,
Fallen from the hanging rope, early in the Dawn,

The far mountain has black wavy  clouds and a new snowfall,
And the nearer has a thunderstorm and temporary water fall,
Its not monsoon it's exactly like a monsoon,
Sometime it's rainy darkness and sometimes its shiny noon,

The nature is full of beauty and joys,
But no one is noticing the songs and cries,
There is a fear in the hearts of humanity,
There is seldom attention to the life serenity,

Yes, the world has everything to make comforts,
But nothing is adding value to the comfort of hearts,p
No one can gift to a beloved a flower,
No one can dare to enjoy the cool shower,

This situation is the order of the Lord,
We are only secure by the will of that Lord,
Let's return to Him and seek refuge with Him,
Let's praise His power and get engaged with Him,
Tears purify the profanities of soul,
Restores and polishes the sanctities of face,
So, the grieves help the soul,
To protect its dignity and grace,

Love strengthens the muscles of a heart,
Makes it connected with reality,
Shows it how to face anger and thunder,
Shows it the path of hope and sanctity,

Water kills if someone raw drowns into it,
But those with skills it cleans,
Learn the meaning of things around you,
Nothing is like in nature the way it seems,

Departure in love makes you strong,
To feel the value of having nothing but grieves,
You are not able to absorb her beauty,
Just enjoy thinking about the feelings at Eves.
Say me why, I am cheerful in the fire,
Of love and constantly trust the lair,

Say me why, bless me her sorrow,
With happiness and hope of tomorrow,

Say me why sooner than her name,
I forget my uniqueness and fame,

Say me why, before her face,
I loose the game and life race,

Say me why, a bird made me her being,
To sing her charm and sing and sing,

Say me why, she remains with me in fight,
In the buff of sun, in the gloom of night,

Say me why, whether she discards me herself,
Or I did not accept it in the start myself,

Say me why, she is not hearing my crying,
In her love flames when I am laying,
To forget her love, a cigar I ignite,
Mistakenly, the sleeping pains I invite,
The storm of grieves pushes my head,
The waves of tears erode my bed,
Falling in love was obviously not easy,
Returning from it is not definable and crazy,
It is due to her that I found God,
It is she who pushed me from the worldly pod,
I traveled my life on the opposite shore,
Her love constantly guided me for the destined door,
Love is a river which carries you to the ocean,
Where people forget themselves and their fashion,
Look at her standards, far beyond that of mine,
Allah choice was her choice, assigned and a sign,
O let's go, you have finished your dreams,
Diving in the cosmos of love and beams.
O' my heart, there is girl,
Her eyes are made of pearls,
Having bright face and hair's curl,
Her smile is just like daffodils,

She will be a loving friend,
A loving partner and a lovely wife,
She doesn't accept worldly trends,
She cuts hate and disrespect with a knife,

She is a beautiful daughter of a proud dad,
Having attracting physique of respect,
She looks like a princess, never sad,
Love her mother fully with out a suspect,

She has a love for cats,
Don't know why not for dogs,
She has a fear from rats,
Runs away from them in fogs,

She wants to enjoy life in cold,
To jump again and again with proud,
She is vocal and can speak bold,
Can prove her presence like a thundering cloud,

Her smile melts the frozen moods,
Her talks activate the nature,
Her touch gives flavor to foods,
Her walk adds fragrance to nurture,

She is alone in her attributes,
God has blessed her in such a way,
She is the queen of cutes,
God has structured such a piece of clay,

Upon her the world is heart catching,
Without her my life is useless,
Her love is a chess or soul snatching,
Without which my life is cruise less,

She is my beloved, hidden somewhere,
But I can feel her inside my heart,
My life is on without her losing fear,
How I name this relation of pain and hurt,
My life is full of adventures,
Beside the situations I know,
In the journey of love,
Of which I understand the end and go,
With burning heart in need of water,
Hauling here and there like a cooked, crow,
In the search of knowhow,
Sometimes look upside, sometimes eyed below,
Crying and shouting in front of God,
Making noise allover from the position very low,
For a second to make happy my soul,
I articulate the symbols of her eyebrow,
There are waves inside my skull,
Drag me to kiss and get a bow,
I am a slave of her rosy lips,
Yes, I have a wisdom this I know,
I surrender my love to my grace,
To my heart I said no no no...
I got trapped in the bushes of her hairs,
Like a hunter traps an innocent Dow,
This should be written on my grave,
Still passing the pains of departure in a row.
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