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riku Nov 23
show me
the esoteric pieces
of your whole being,
and i will show
how it illuminates
brighter than the stars.
riku Nov 12
his eyes were a feral craft;
water flowing through it.
swimming in it was anguish
and woebegone

caused by this wretched being called feelings.
riku Sep 3
you were too busy,
always fascinated with
chasing the stars
not noticing what’s going on.

while i’m here
always behind you—
staying with you, and
hopelessly chasing you.

yearning what it’s like
for you to be mine.
***** to be me
riku Aug 17
Sometimes, you shine
So bright that I’m forced
To look away

But even so,
Should I still
Stay by your side?
riku Aug 12
Please come back.
im sorry for not being there for you
riku Jul 28
They don’t know
That every night—
These past few months,
I’ve been crying myself
To sleep.
I hate my family :’))
riku May 4
‪and as he intertwined our fingers together,
I realized that‬
after all this time
‪he wasn’t the one. ‬
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