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Andrew Jan 2018
I can’t enjoy the present
I’m busy waiting on the future

Working hard to produce
so I can be a consumer

And my consuming habits
have made me decadent

Keeping up with the trends
in hopes of being relevant

Waiting for the next fad
to infatuate our mind

Mindlessly ******* up
our money and our time

Timelessly circling in
repetitive motion

Going through the motions
and coming to the notion

That life's too short
to let it pass you by

But now time has passed
and it's soon time to die

And oh my

Give me something
to distract my mind

I liked the way things looked
before when I was blind
Francis Sep 2017
A poise possessed, in unfulfilling actuality,
Longing for freedom, freedom from normality,
Quelling every bit of counterfeit congeniality,
A taste of reassurance, isolated from individuality.

Driving this jalopy, a man dressed to nines,
His undergarments ragged, camouflaged to blind,
His teeth are pearly, though the pearliness grinds,
A moment of glory, he has yet to find.

Phony fads infesting fraudulent causes,
He sits in silence, while sounding the applauses,
A bittersweet flavor of momentary diapauses,
Every year holds similarity, inevitably with menopauses.

Commitments crumbling, chafing positivity,
Vows are demolished, rebuilt with ****** proclivity,
Reputations are finagled with selfless anonymity,
As society lacks honest accountability.

A shadow he’ll reside’n, distant from sight,
While pleading for nobility and faithful delight,
To remain a man and not out of spite,
As a room filled with vultures ravage his might.
We all hide behind... what, for society.
blue mercury Mar 2017
careful babe, i'm wasting away
i'm knee-deep in dreams i let fade away
before the days were gone.
would you believe me if i said
that i didn't mean to?
falling in love felt like falling into place
and with you i feel at home.
i've never felt safe i've always felt anxious
drowning in yesterday and all of the what ifs.
what if i faded into you
on a sweet night in october?
you'd be too young and i'd be old enough
for no one to care
if i felt the weight of the world
on my shoulders.
spit me out and call me baby,
drain my faith and let me go,
even though
you said you'd never
be like everyone else
and lie to me.
Iris Rebry Jan 2015
You are fad and fantasy
you are placed on a pedestal by the world around you,
And I'm sorry.
I know you enjoy it.
But I will not worship you.
I will not love you as they love you.
I will not bask in your light as if you were the sun
and I was a rose
No. I refuse.
You are my friend.
I believe that, but some days, I do
not care if you are dead or alive.
You are more fad than friend to me.
You embrace your pedestal.
Should I bow at your feet?
Should I kiss the ground you walk on?
Others do.
Girls squeal in your presence.
They want you to love them.
Teachers believe in your talents,
more than the rest of us.
I flit everywhere, like a shadow.
Seen by few, loved by few.
And that's the way it shall be kept.
Believe me, you do not want me.
I do not wear the latest fads.
People can be like this, if the world lets them to be.
Mokomboso Dec 2014
Out there, in the woods of temperate North America
The many myriad of woodland creatures, hunt and play
Squirrels scurry and rabbits hurry
In the burrows and in the nests, the foxes and woodpeckers rest
And in there lives a pack of wolves, like any old wolves
Grey and fluffy, cute yet dignified, quintessentially wolflike

But in the pack lives a pup, on the cusp of adulthood
A strange and moody teen, makes mother wolf’s eyes roll
Pup wishes to abandon his canine roots, for something a little more…
He taps away on forums and blogs, a 21st century dog
Under the name of darkhuman666, he and his friend
The brooding goth nighthuman
Together they rant and rave about their life as men
Bald primates at heart, something they call, homokin?
And their pack elders just shake their heads and say
"if you keep walking like that you’ll ruin your hips"

But together these teens congregate in the woods
With other angry wolf young, joining the newfangled “skinnie” clubs
Donning human masks and long brunette wigs
Sharing meat and merriment and the love of strange apes
Once told in fairytales to babes before bed
Beware of the big bad human! No don’t pretend to BE them!

"But daaaaaad" darkhuman666 laments
"You just don’t get me, maaaaan
I’m a badass hominid deep within
And it’s comfortable to walk like this”
"But mooooom", night
human ******* and barks
"I’m just being myself, don’t judge me oh my goooood"
Crudely drawn masks on the end of their nose
Bearing laughs and groans from the stags and the crows

When I see humans online, it does crack a smile
Imagining a brooding teen wolf posting from the other side
Just as your friend “night_wolf” is a girl IRL
Maybe wolves want to act like us, as well?
Just a joke.
Nicholas Kurtz Sep 2014
It's not cute,
I don't find it funny.
The lack of concern for education,
And your glasses aren't cute either.

I'm growing quite tired of the lame leaders.
Expectation to teach the future generation.
The warriors, in a future of unknowing,
By the ignorant, traditionalist.

And I could sit here all day,
Catching glints of light off your hip glasses.
Peppered with egocentric, infantile remarks.
So cute
The lack of education
So cute
The lack of nutrition
So cute
The false profits; the obtuse teachers
So cute
Your hip glasses.
So sick of the hip glasses
Impulzez Jan 2014
I go mad that I might see the world around me anew
Growing up and being taught everything even the things I fear
Yes the things I fear, love and hate… we are all first taught it all
What to fear, what to love, what to hate.. this is my understanding
Of the madness I encounter everyday…

I go mad that the world around me may accept me for a sanity’s insanity
Dressed in naked’s flesh and being glorified as the highest fad in vogue
For even my flesh feels no more shame, as Adam and Eve felt same

Oh! I go mad for the love of Steve rather Eve becoming Adam’s ribs
How beit?  “From the beginning it was not so” why make it so now
Will Jonah’s good luck bill save our nation’s repulsive ills and acts?
How long will mercy deter us from the brimstone exodus of the Gomorrah’s?

I go mad for loved ones that show love for the personal preferential from loved ones*
How much of this personal preferential love actually makes the world go round
Brothers killing brothers, how cold our love has waxed...
Anthony Williams Aug 2014
your brain is obese
it's 60 percent fat
and a quarter of that mess
is cholesterol -  and that's bad
like everyone's brain
although I have to ad
mine is 40 percent lean
so I can sell you my diet
of raw fish.. lentils.. beans
and the wisdom of this poet
on his fast track brain train
a thin title to start...
How Can I Be So Mean?
by Anthony Williams
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