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Andrew Feb 2018
The man in the mirror
is my worst enemy
I'm crippled by fear
and insecurity
I'm comfortably drowning
in my selfish thoughts
waiting, praying for the day
when all this stops

I wish I could take off this mask
I look like a disgrace
but I've worn it so long
that it's stuck to my face

but wait...

Is it a mask
or is it just me?
Now I'm not sure
but it sure is blurry
Andrew Feb 2018
They say it's too cold
Know how to put on a sweater?
You'll be fine

They say it's an obstacle
They hate this kind of weather
I think it's by design

Is it a nuisance or a blessing in disguise?
I've found the beauty in pausing our busy lives

I've felt the warmth of chilling out
and spending time with the people I care about

And I don't know
if you're in the know
but I'm into snow
Andrew Jan 2018
It’s a cruel world out there
full of death and despair
In the shadows I see them
Wolves hunting down their prey

It’s a cruel world out there
and survival is rare
but it’s time I gave in
and realize I cannot stay

I’m going out in the cruel, cruel wild
My pride won’t be defiled
There will be danger and maybe death
You can not stop so don’t waste your breath
Andrew Jan 2018
I can’t enjoy the present
I’m busy waiting on the future

Working hard to produce
so I can be a consumer

And my consuming habits
have made me decadent

Keeping up with the trends
in hopes of being relevant

Waiting for the next fad
to infatuate our mind

Mindlessly ******* up
our money and our time

Timelessly circling in
repetitive motion

Going through the motions
and coming to the notion

That life's too short
to let it pass you by

But now time has passed
and it's soon time to die

And oh my

Give me something
to distract my mind

I liked the way things looked
before when I was blind

— The End —