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Impulzez Feb 2017
Photos Speak; Photos don't think
What they say ain't what you think
A Photo's worth a thousand words, init?
Yet it's dumb as a Sheep's bleat

A Photo never confuses itself of its beauty
Of all the 1000 words, none'as thought by it
How do you Speak? How do you think?
How do you picture your self's unspoken worth?

How many words are you really worth?
If I was a still image what would you see?

Beyond the impression i leave you with
May i paint your mind with words i speak

There's no better Picture of you
Than the one you create of you
Camera lenses, naked or glassed eyes
Don't see what you see of you
How you see the whole of you
is made a better painting only by you
If you were a painting on your wall
What would be your first words of you
A Picture is worth a thousand words
A painting is worth a million words
You are worth more than any words
Many words can't truly paint you
Less you Speak how you feel of you
and paint you in all those many feelings

My words of you are
**You are the Best of You
11/01/17 05:28pm
Impulzez Jul 2016
"Water has no Enemy";

"Blood is thicker than Water";

"Money is closer than Blood";

"Love of Money roots all Evils";

"Perfect Love casts out Fear";

"Fear of God begins Wisdom";

"In all getting, get Wisdom".

Impulzez Jul 2016
Eni tanfe la ni
eni tani la nfe

iwo mo fe tokan mi fe
iwo mi ni tonje kinma mi


ina sonki
ina sonka

Ohun ti o gan iye ni ohun ti
o padanu, ko ohun ti o ni

mo ni ikan ti mo fe
mo ni ikan ti mo fe

What you really value is what you miss, not what it is
Impulzez Oct 2015
I'm still gonna write
I'm still gonna sing
I'm still gonna let you know
In You I Love

I never knew love
till i knew
  Oct 2015 Impulzez
Temitope Popoola
He said he's tired of the hate and bitterness
I said I've found peace my own way
And I'm not interested in whatever he has to offer
He was part of the people that made me lose myself and become this hard, cold, cynical woman incapable of expressing love
I don't like this new me, and I don't need him to psyche me and tell me I could have been a better person.
He should let it go. Someday someone beautiful within and outside would make the hate go and melt the pain
  Oct 2015 Impulzez
Temitope Popoola
I've been living my life like I'm on edge
Being on the verge of tears every single day
With this darkness around my heart how could I feel the day's ray?
I feel broken and empty, lost and dejected.
How could I give up something so real and beautiful?
Allowing sentiments and "what ifs" to define me
I found love when I least expected it
**** happened, it left me and I became wrecked.
Depressed and miserable! The tears stopped flowing.
I took a bolder step and immersed myself in alcohol.
Not even alcohol could knock out the pain gripping my heart.
Or this constant pang of guilt that I couldn't fight for this love.
Family is important. I lost this fight to them.
But in the process, they threw me to the wolves.
For the warmth and love I used to get from them grew cold
As my heart stopped beating when they made me quit.
Vengeance. To hurt them i'll hurt myself first,
Don't get it twisted I'm not suicidal,
Though it's become really hard living without him.
No words of comfort can mend the walls of my broken heart.
Some broken hearts, Don Williams said never mend.
  Oct 2015 Impulzez
Temitope Popoola
For those days I was cold and annoying,
For those nights I turned my back on you,
For moments when you saw different shades of me
For times you begged me to drop poetic lines
What you really value is what you lose, not what you have
Who would have known we would be over this soon?
I hate that you nurse ill thoughts towards me
I pray we both find peace as we go on in life.
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