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Ammar Younas Jan 2019
Let's suppose, our luck is choosing and
we have no option to choose...
Let's suppose, you are cold breeze
which passes through my hair and
disappears as soon as I try to feel the chill...
Let's suppose, you are a pleasing scent
of rainfall on dry soil which vanishes
as soon as I try to inhale this sensation...
Let's suppose, you are sun and I am moon
and we keep playing hide and seek...
Let's suppose, you are the height of sky and I have wings.
I try to fly till you but can't reach...
Let's suppose, both of us are two shores of sea
which never meet...
Let's suppose, we are not what we are supposing...
Let's suppose, we have choice and we are choosing...
Ammar Younas Jan 2019
You inhale galaxies
cause whenever I kiss you
It tastes like poem
Ammar Younas Dec 2018
Enough is enough
I will not stop loving you
let me do a bit
Ammar Younas Dec 2018
Words do injustice with thoughts
They spin my thoughts in circles...
Mystics like me are few
and limit of my thoughts is you...
This is God's Will
Silent and Still
Mind should stay numb
but Soul Chill...
I cannot catch up with anything
since Everything is whirling...
electrons in atoms
stars in the galaxies
and me around You...
My tribute to the greatest Sufi Poet and Mystic Rumi (Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī ) on his death anniversary. We are proudly carrying on his Spiritual Legacy after 8 centuries.
Ammar Younas Dec 2018
Sometimes I allow these wine bottles
to drink me and drain
frustration from my veins...

Why the world's greatest brains
are breaking chains
to behave insane?
Ammar Younas Dec 2018
Book is luxury
Hungry stomach doesn't care
Politics or Law
Ammar Younas Dec 2018
If you love, I will adore more than this
If you ignore, I will ignore more than this

She says, you have to suffer more
is there anymore, more than this?

These are eyes which can cry
Heart is sore more than this

The tree under which we used to sit
was green before, more than this

She has a doubt that I don't love
I can't be sure more than this

She asked while salting my wounds
"Are you happy or more than this?"

I am scared, your mom may come
Please close the door more than this

Time is bad which plays games
You always score, more than this

You are amazing as you are now
and on dancefloor,more than this
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