Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
Break those rusty shackles of mine,
Lets drift to the darkness, yet we shine.
Wrapping you around me, spilled scent of yours in air,
Driving me crazy your messy hair.
All set to be on a ride,
Burrying me in you, baby let me hide.
What I want is let the ignition be fire,
Let me burn you and me to be a single soul and desire.

Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
I have the gleam of blue sapphire in me.
Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
A soul wandering, on unknown path,
Got myself under the piled wrath.

Unknown I was of my own destruction skills,
Finding bliss was my aim, so I took no. Of pills.

All I wanted to accomplish my dreams,
So I covered up my mouth and ate up my anxiety screams.

Wanted to fly high, so I started to crawl,
I didnt knew I was crawling against the squall.

Threw away hard, I picked up my shards,
In dilemma I was, what to do next now ? I dont want my dreams, my wishes to be in graveyard.

Craving for yet another magical happening, moving forward on unknown path,
Unknown of my needs, dynamic was my nature ;
So I kept burdening with loaths.

Now when I look back, I know what I needed,
I allure the way I bridged and struggled.

The things I kept within me,
Searched like a wanderer.

Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
उलझी काली रातों में,
तेरी खट्टी मीठी बातों में,
हस्ती, खिल - खिलाती, रोतली  सी शक्लो में,
अक्सर में तुझको खुद में कैद कर,
अपनी हंसी को बेबसी में तबदील कर लेती हूं ।

आँखो के काले घेरे,
अनगिनत घाव मेरे,
चीख के पुकारते है तुझे,
बहते आंसुओ से फिर उन घावों को बेबसी का नमक देती हूँ ।

तेरे ख्वाब सिरहाने रखते हुए,
तकिये से बाते करते हुए,
दीवारों को ताकते हुए,
रात रात भर अपनी बेबसी का हिसाब लगाती हूँ ।

पायल उतार फेकी है,
झुमके अब रास नही आ रहे है,
जब से तुम दूर गए हो,
खुशिया में भी बेबसी का हिजाब रहता है ।

बेबसी को बढ़ाने के लिए ही सही,
बेबस को और बेबस करने ही सही,
एक बार आए वो इस बात की बेबसी बढ़ती जा रही है ।

  Oct 2017 Heeranshi Mishra
Lior Gavra
It haunts us, we are scared of it.
But we spend a lot of time thinking about it.
We walk around wanting it.
It drives us, makes us passionate.
Ditch everything we know just to chase it.
Wake up the next morning hoping to revisit.

It is different for each person, and we try to make the most of it.
Next year we make a bunch of promises, and swear to it.
No more this, no more that, but more of it.
Finally be the person we want to be, get really fit.
Time passes by, we forget it.
Maybe next year we will regret it.

Once you look around, you will remember it.
Slow things down, take a glance, it will hit.
Every second counts, do not ever quit.
You only get it once, before you split.

It is called life, cherish it.
Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
Laying on the bed,
I felt depressed so bad.
Staring at the ceiling my life seems monotonus.
I felt the urge I need to adjust the colour tone.
I grabbed the car keys ; and left,
For a long drive that is sweet and swift.
The cold breeze through the windows were like a drifter,
Nature was calling me, to be more closer.
I stopped the car, near a river bank,
Sat there and my legs were half sank.
My feet felt a tingling feeling,
And I continued to steal those moments.
Every wave, made me feel liberated abd I continued the stealing.
I went to walk bare foot, left my sandals
A wild wind came, and blew my hairstrands.
It felt more alive, like I revived me.
I returned home after a short meeting with nature,
I was laying on my  bed,
Now, I felt no bad.
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Heeranshi Mishra Oct 2017
Dripping love from lips,
Taking those love sips,
You saw a sparking passion in my eyes,
You lifted me in the air,
I was spinning , feeling debonair.
I can see that glare in you,
Dancing ; you put your toes on mine,
It was like stars getting shattered yet align.
Feeling your minty breathes,
******* my sheaths.
I felt you much closer than you were,
I felt, I am a shell and you were a shore.
You grabbed me, you mended my ripped soul,
You stuffed steamy love in my loop hole.
You broke those chains of my soul.
Unchained me from chains of grief,
You made me feel high without a aperitif.
Broke down the moment, you and me were "us" now,
Our love made a vow.
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