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Tyler Harper Nov 2020
Selfish to assume
I read about you
Or maybe that's an act
Of three parts
And I have seen my last two
Yet with the curtain closing slowly
I am peaceful, but pained
To see that I will not breath yours to
the end
i dont even know man
Tyler Harper Sep 2019
Because you're magnificent
A creature made by humans
But designed by god
Winged pharoah
Of a desolate facade
Tyler Harper Sep 2019
My hearts a string
you've been plucking baby
Tyler Harper Sep 2019
a feeling you can't quite describe
with a person you only just met
but feel like you've known for all your life
with the uncertainty of a certainty
of a caring nature that just makes love easy
you want it to go right
and it's going right
Tyler Harper Aug 2019
Girls in the airport
Are, for some reason, hotter
Than anywhere else
I dont know why
Tyler Harper Aug 2019
Amateur's saddle
Riding in the rodeo
Yee'n their last haw
Tyler Harper Aug 2019
Id like to hang from a tree
Like a monkey
With a carefree philosphy

But the roots lie dead at the tree
And I wonder what I'll be
When death gives its final decree
And we turn over a new leaf
so its led to believe
Because all i see is a painful plea
but do i believe?
   I guess that's what stops my sleep
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