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Ty J H 3h
in the cloud castles,
the dragons are imagined.

to cut the silver tongues
of the wicked ones
is the poor princesses' true escape.
Ty J H 3d
every flower
happily sways
after a rainy
Ty J H 4d
daringly say the things
that can not be erased!

a precise line to walk
making greater sounds
of tomorrow!

a greater task to
not fall from tightrope
of silver lining!
Ty J H 4d
we messed up
when everything had to have
a grade.
a poem need not be good
nor bad,
just it.
Ty J H 4d
today of all todays
the only thing
i wish to hold above
your head,
is a mistletoe.
Ty J H 6d
The Shaper is blind
to everything
but the mind.
Ty J H 6d
i'm fearless until I look
into your eyes and
wonder what
next thing might
take you away.
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