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Tyler Harper Sep 12
I am a void to shout in.
If heaven or hell fails you,
I am the calm night of next.
To entice you out of your princess' tower.
I envelop like a blanket and yet suffocate like a snake.
Tyler Harper Sep 10
dehydrated catharsis:
he's drying up by
roadside cabals and
lost in his longing and
harrowed halls

meet me in catatonia,
where my birds tweety tweet
and it's beautiful and sweet
yet it's not quite complete,
for it's sundown on the west side
and the trees' visage remind me of you
so I look at your pretty beauty
and you calm me and my mind
a last thing for the end
I'd lose every of thought to you
and your kindness
Tyler Harper Sep 10
there was something or another
lovely and lonely
that was shared for a brother
ugly and only
that you could have called it his and yours
or yours and his.
it was, a boring hiss,
a submissive kiss,
like a leering lisp;
and there he sat,
and there he missed
missing with his last
goodbye wish-
for you ran,
you ran,
until you were
more than amiss.
Tyler Harper Aug 30
Death is a peace,
love, its treatise.
followed by after-all
each soul to their-there;
to better-off.

falsities end by the wayside
bathing off by bayside
and the truth illuminates on
no ruminating song
letting go of anything
but the light.
Tyler Harper Aug 23
I keep trying to let go of my ego
but it keeps holding me back
I wonder if she'd go
if it didn't happen like that

It seems we can't escape it
my mind is here for the time being
it seems we'll never sedate it
ill just listen to my heart beating

leave me alone
or leave me in company
either way nothing will be
solved, I couldn't even tell
where I should even be involved

Place me where I may
place me where I should
Place me where it's best
Where I'd be better misunderstood

Why does it even matter?
Just keep me in the throes
of this weird life
and hope I do good
along the way.
Tyler Harper Aug 22
Stars shimmer in the ink-black sky,
A cosmic dance, a lullaby,
Eyes upturned, to heavens we glance,
In the universe's eternal expanse.

They're like dreams in the night's embrace,
Glimmers of hope, a guiding grace,
Diamonds scattered on cosmic thread,
A story of life, when they're overhead.

Oh, the beauty of stars that gleam,
Each a wish, a whispered dream,
Twinkling secrets in the night,
A canvas of wonder, pure and bright.

With constellations as stories told,
Ancient myths in the skies unfold,
They remind us of worlds unknown,
Infinite mysteries, yet to be shown.

A celestial ballet, they perform,
Upon the Earth's edge, they adorn,
like a necklace of pearl or twinkling
Guiding the sailors, the lovers, and the poets too,
Stars are always there, a connection between me and you.
Tyler Harper Aug 22
In uncertainty's tender embrace I stand,
A flutter of wings, a whisper in the sand.
Love's essence, elusive yet true,
Bathing in wishes, our hearts renew.

Eternal longing, petals of ash,
Risking it all, for love's sweet clash.
Beneath dark skies, snow or stars,
A connection is formed through infinite bars.

Intimate moments, eyes that won't lie,
A hand on a heart, as passions fly high.
Through winter's black nights, you appear,
Snow and stars, a mystery set clear.
Written with assistance by AI using a composite list of some of my poetry.
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