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Tyler Harper Sep 5
Because you're magnificent
A creature made by humans
But designed by god
Winged pharoah
Of a desolate facade
Tyler Harper Sep 5
My hearts a string
you've been plucking baby
Tyler Harper Sep 3
a feeling you can't quite describe
with a person you only just met
but feel like you've known for all your life
with the uncertainty of a certainty
of a caring nature that just makes love easy
you want it to go right
and it's going right
Tyler Harper Aug 7
Girls in the airport
Are, for some reason, hotter
Than anywhere else
I dont know why
Tyler Harper Aug 3
Amateur's saddle
Riding in the rodeo
Yee'n their last haw
Tyler Harper Aug 3
Id like to hang from a tree
Like a monkey
With a carefree philosphy

But the roots lie dead at the tree
And I wonder what I'll be
When death gives its final decree
And we turn over a new leaf
so its led to believe
Because all i see is a painful plea
but do i believe?
   I guess that's what stops my sleep
Tyler Harper Aug 3
A sultry wine night
Spent with a beautiful girl
brash kiss ends smooth jazz
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