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Sarah Flynn Oct 20
my therapist told me that I should
try to imagine my mental illness
in the form of a person.

she said that sometimes
it's easier to fight these things
when they aren't invisible.

she said that maybe
doing this would help me to
remember that I am not crazy,
and that a mental illness is
just as real as a physical one.

she's told me over and over
about the chemicals in my brain,
and how my ****** literally
changed the way that I function.

she told me that he put
my body into a chronic state
of fight-or-flight mode.

she made sure
to use the word "chronic"
and not "permanent."

she makes sure
to remind me that
recovery is possible.

but when I try to picture
my mental illness
in the form of a person,
it has his face.

all of my demons
have his face.
Jay M Mar 2019
The day that they first arrived,
They came alive,
Began to drive,
Took the key out of me,
Put it in a new lock,
A new life,
Half a life,
No one is there from above,
No doves to come save me,
I’ve lost control.

It’s taking over,
I lose control,
Lose my mind,
Will I ever find,
The key again?
Lost forever in their clutches,
Far from my reach,
Come and save me from this nightmare…

This world is far too cold,
I fear it’s seeping into my core,
Turning my heart to stone,
Barely a fragment left untaken,
Tiredness envelopes me like water around the drowning,
Dragging me down to the icy depths,
Nevermore to see the sunlight,
Nevermore to feel the sweet warmth on my skin,
Nor the sweet smell of rain,
Nor the taste of soothing hot cocoa,
Calming my running anxieties,
Alas, all shall be a distant memory,
As I shall one day be.

Whilst I slip away into the dark,
The demons prowl about,
Don’t get to close,
Lest they pull you in,
Drag you down to me,
Where we will fade away.
Within the days to come,
We shall be nothing more than shells,
Ridden with demons whilst our souls fade,
Never to be laid eyes upon again,
Besides the demons as they laugh,
Dancing in their victory,
Whilst we weep in our defeat,
If we have tears enough to shed,
Emotion enough to move at all.

- Jay M
October 11th, 2018
Sarah Flynn Oct 17
when I picked up my pen,
I wanted to write about
gray skies
and thunderstorms
and the sound of rain
and laughter
and splashing in puddles.

I wanted to write about
the hole he left in the wall
by the staircase,
and how it seemed so much bigger
than his fist.
I couldn’t believe he made such an impact
with one blow
before he walked away.
I couldn’t believe he made such an impact
by walking away.

I wanted to write about
cigarettes and smoke
and young men with blackened lungs
and why we love
the things that destroy us.

I wanted to write about
this numbness
and how I feel nothing
but everything
at the same time,
and how I’m not sure
which is worse.

I wanted to write about
your cologne
and your citrus-scented shampoo
and how the smell lingered
on my pillow
long after you left,
and how I found someone new
but still fell asleep
to the thought of you.

I wanted to write until
my fingers blistered
and began to ache,
and my demons fell
from my overflowing mind
and drowned in ink.

but when I picked up my pen,
I had shaky hands.

I sat there silently
and I trembled
and broke down
and let my tears fall,
and my thoughts did not stop
racing through my head

but none of them
managed to escape onto paper.
All I feel is pain
My head is spinning
I scream out for you
Do you hear me
Do you need me like I need you
Pain all I feel is pain
Keep me in this cage
Don't let me out
Best to throw away the key
Because if you let me out
My demons will surround you
Help me help me I call out
But no one will listen
All that they hear is my demons screaming
Look away before I hypnotize you
Go away she doesnt need anyone
Look away before you get lost in my eyes
Don't look away see the pain in my eyes
Look away before you try to save me
Don't look away i need you to stay
Don't go away help me
Go away she doesn't need you
Pls stay
Go away
No don't go
Yes go away
Pls help me let me out
Go away no need for some help
As you walk away
My demons take over
I feel pain I ache
I scream out
You look at me
And you see evil
I spit at you
Your too late
She's mine now
No one can take her away
My demons grab me by the throat
You grab onto the cage and shake it
You scream now you try to reach for me
It's too late I say and look away
But you stay you pull the key out
and you let me out you grab my hand
You bring me close and whisper
Your mine and  I love you
My demoms hide and I look into your eyes
Take me away from her I say
My demoms shriek and grabs a hold of my neck
Think you can run from us
We will be back my demon whispers in my ear
I feel pain as she runs her nails down my throat
I look at you and you draw back
No don't go don't be afraid of me
You pull at my hand and we walk out
But I hear the demons whisper
Your life will never be full of happiness
And then they disappear back into my mind
This poem was inspired by a dream I had about fighting my inner demons.
Witherhexis Oct 9
A cathedral backed by reddened skies,

Remnant of a diluted heaven,

Few who controlled the lives of many,

Played with chaos, and lost their game,

What remains is ruin, relinquished of life,

And a revered site destroyed, like butter cut through by a blade,

Inside dance spectres, unlike those seen before,

Ghouls of the past, souls who were garishly slayed,

The melody of laughter and sonance of screams,

Echo from the abyss, an alien and somber plane,

The feats of the few claimed the spirits of the many,

And now they slave together,

The minds of the sick enlivened by screams,

As all are watched by the King.
For an October goal of writing one project every day.
10/7 Theme (Late): Haunted.
Witherhexis Oct 7
Mosaics scrawled in oak,
Charters to a new dimension,
Candles bring forth grey smoke,
Filling a stygian room with tension.

A hallowed oversoul awaits a sacrament,
Crimson stanzas chanted, a return anticipated,
The King still needs a benighted advocate,
Atonement was made, with a blade of onyx, serrated.

Throughout the hall, a sensation,
First came the scent of velvet nectar,
Then, the impact of consternation,
And all among the walls, dark and unearthly spectres.

An observance had concluded,
As the veil was torn by madness,
And the microcasm, polluted,
A world overthrown, by the abyss.
For an October goal of writing one project every day.
10/6 Theme: Magic
Isabella Oct 6
When I mention my demons
You picture creatures of horror
Contorted faces of terror
Alive to haunt my dreams
And corrupt my mind
With malicious laughter
You imagine twisted voices
Laced with insanity
That push me into the dark
With a touch as cold as a knife’s steel blade
You fear the thought of them
Of me

But my demons are gentle
They’re quiet
I feel their warm breath against my ears
When they whisper softly
Perhaps you don’t hear them because you aren’t listening
For their sharp words
Are said out of love
And their nails digging into my skull
Are only there to keep me safe
In the absence of their presence
I am worse
Which is why I let them stay
Because my demons are real
Elena Mustafa Sep 30
Dancing in the forests
From beyond the grave
Screaming as the dance
See and hear them you
For these are banchies
That dance
And scream
In the forest
Despite the time of day
Elena Mustafa Sep 28
They autumn eye are
Watching us
Day and night
But know to
Protect us
But to possess one of us
When a person goes
At the beach
During the witching hour
She is confronted buy a horrible
Watching down on her
Autumn eye
They of Satan
Will she be possessed by the demons
Of the past
Rhys Hebbs Sep 27
As I gazed upon the face of my enemy
I saw warped reflections of all that I used to be.
As I pondered upon my fate within the Great Yonder
I felt absurd to declare;
Whether the ****** or the Buddha emerged
after I fought with the demons submerged

Feeling estranged from my shame and all burdens of pain
I finished my shave, declared myself sane
and went downstairs to get breakfast.
Musing on the strangest 15 seconds of my life
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