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I fight my own demons I rather deal with them my self.
Fecundeity Feb 14
Vamps spit.

Ancient hags steal.

Many demons stick.

Perturbed goblins swipe.

Invisible demons shot.

Red fiends entrap.

Evil lusts desire.

Shrivelled hags sting.
An acrostic poem about vampires
slay Feb 12
I know you don't believe me
Still, I try to give you reasons.
Don't shut me out completely,
Cause I hope we break it even.

I thought I loved a demon, but his wings are like an angel's.
"He's softer than I took him for," I say as I file all his edges.
It's because I'm only human, but at the far end of the spectrum

I trust you thought this through then?
Cause I'm not as strong as I imagined.
I'm misshapen for whatever reason, probably the last one, but

I give you the benefit of all my doubts at my lowest, and
I hold my tongue because you don't deserve my coldest emotions when I'm more focused on how I'm hurting than if I hurt you, and

I wonder what he's thinking in his room alone or how the space is bigger.
If he hears me thinking thoughts towards him or if he's tuned them out forever, but
wherever he is, whatever he does, just know that I would never

My light

My love

Indebted to you, ever
s Willow Feb 11
I’m awake,
Living the nightmares.
Numb and emotionless.

Colors are lost to me.
The living anger,
demolishes joy.

A soulless shadow.
The world and life
wither away.
I know not what I am
But I sure as **** am scared
Sometimes I catch a glimpse
and wish I had not dared.

I haven't been myself I mumbled,
it's been a short 4 years.
Yet everyday I am humbled!
to be honest with my fears!

Surviving off my self loathing
are the devilish voices that I feed.  
Watering my mind's garden is refreshing
and THAT'S the energy that I need!
This piece has a very surprisingly optimistic point of view by the end of it.
Steve Feb 10
Demon’s **** for blood
Bathed in Dragon’s fire
Pixie’s dance like Pixie’s should
And Witches curse the pyre

Mermaid’s love to laugh
With a Unicorns fair grace
Be Werewolves’ bite along the path
And Vampire’s kiss that smile from off your face

A Wizard’s spell
In a Fairy’s mist
A Goblin’s lair - there if you can tell
And the Angel’s touch impossible for mere mortals to resist.
12 names 1 pome
(Read the analysis of the poem in notes)

As you caress my ***** and barren soul
I look into the darkness and hear your wholesome heart beating against your chest, your golden voice is quite blessed. how much time must I wait to enjoy the rest of your lovely quartet, the lovely music of your body’s melody, the calming voice of a siren singing sweet praises that save my soul and make me feel whole. How delightfully I await the clear sight of you. I imagine a holy fallen angel with beautiful black wings and crescent red eyes with undying, unyielding smiles. I imagine what I would give to join this being, this holy soul, this immortal soul. What beautiful tunes...
I realize now that I’m dreaming.
Reality isn’t this beautiful.
I await the day when I find someone as beautiful, as alive as the dead being in my dreams.

Now I ask...
“Is anyone as honest as a demon?”
“Is anyone as beautiful and cruel as immortality?”
“Is anyone as kind hearted as an angel?”
“Is anyone as pure as a the broken?”
“Will I find peace soon...?”
In this poem we speak about a being that is beautiful from afar and hides in the dark from shame and fear of being judged.
She hides but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak. She one day finds a man who was wounded from battle and hides with him in the dark. slowly the man is enchanted by her voice as she comforts him in the darkness. He sees an image of what he believes is the closest being to her. She sings for him. He realized that he was the one who brought her into existence. this was his dream. He made a friend at the end. But he knew this wasn’t reality and he passes on after asking five questions. He rejoins a reincarnation cycle yet again... what happens after is up to your imagination.

The man dreamed of a creature like this because he himself was hiding from his reality’s because of his terrible war crimes and deep shame, because of it he was looking for hope someone who felt as ashamed even if it wasn’t in the same way.

We speak of the being created from imagination, then we transition into reality. Dreams and illusions are what bring the world joy. The dreams and illusions also help us face reality. It helps avoid pain of the world and process it slower...

The meaning of quartet In this refers to the women’s/ demons/ illusions soul, heart,voice and body.

The reason why I did not put the “personality” instead of “body.” Topic is because everyone isn’t satisfied with spiritual and person connection. They all have to jump into bed, so I figured modern day people might appreciate this more.
Jade Feb 9
I remember the first time
My demon came knocking.
My brick house turned to straw
In front of his never-ending gaze
And I screamed
Because I couldn’t recognize the one place I called home.
I didn’t know what to do
I couldn’t breathe in the dark
I could see mile-deep cracks echo through my heart
As I tried to patch it up with tape.
I could see the dark swallow me whole
Without anyone to save me
And I could see...
Then it’d fade.
I’d be able to see through
The demon's eyes.
And I’d be able to see it’s curious gaze was not one
That wanted to leave me dead.
I’d be sad,
Knowing its secret truth,
But I knew that I could breathe.
And then I’d sing so some flowers would grow
And heal my heart’s small dent.
I’d look around
And I’d be fine.
I would face the dark and apologize
For mistaking it for a beast,
Then I’d snuggle up in my blankets
And fall to sleep.
I know I’ll wake up
When it’s time for me to leave.
But until then,
I’ll be here to say that our demons aren’t our ends.
I’ll be here.
A poem about facing inner demons.
a place
deep in my mind
I hid from the world
until the demons came
nowhere to go
insanity took over
I was free
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