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WordsHelp Mar 2019
You are my light,
My hope, my guide.
The hand reaching out,
The reminder to breathe,
The arms that hold me,
          And take all the sadness away.

You are love,
The kiss I look forward to,
The hug I never want to let go of,
The person I want by my side,
          For the rest of my life.
  Mar 2019 WordsHelp
moon child
I don't want to spend my youth
In order to spend my future

I am willing to throw my tomorrow
Into the wind
As payment for a better

I will risk what lies ahead
To ensure peace where I am

The future is not guaranteed.
The future is not a given right.
The future is not fair.

Today is sure.
Today is a gift.
Today is what I wake up to every morning.

So I will not stop living
For the future.
I will live on
For today.
WordsHelp Feb 2019
A flower so close to bloom,
Conjuring love, courage, and wisdom
To know it is loved.
A flower hidden between the rocks,
Under a bridge,
Waiting to be discovered;
Waiting for someone willing to unwind a path,
Someone to trek through the *****, unseen pavement.
A flower,
Caged to the ground,
Lonely, but deserving.
It notices someone reaching down.
Someone with scratches, bruises,
Covered in dirt, leaves in their hair,
And a small path carved behind them.
WordsHelp Feb 2019
Your voice:
I hang on every word you say,
Every melody you sing,
Every moan you sigh.
I am captivated,
By the way words – sounds – linger off your tongue.
The way an “I love you” sounds when we are tangled in sheets,
How we are so out of breath it all falls out as one quick Iloveyou.
WordsHelp Feb 2019
Inhale before the kiss,
Gentle fingers tracing down,
Hands on hips pulling in,
Lips colliding.

Bodies tangled,
Deep breaths,
Tongues dance,
Hearts colliding.
WordsHelp Feb 2019
The thief.
The challenger.
Pieces of you
Filter through my heart,
Like stars through glass.

The dreamer.
The wild.
Thoughts of you,
Run through my mind,
Like light through trees.

The extraordinary.
The remarkable.
Pieces of me,
Reserved for only you.
WordsHelp Feb 2019
My love,
Don’t dismiss yourself
Because you haven’t found
Your light yet.
Do we minimize
The Moon’s beauty
Because it needs
The Sun’s light to show it?
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