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Sap Jan 25
I've never been to a concert before
But I imagine it feels like this
Chaotic, high energy and loud

Despite the distance, it's fun
The energy around you
Makes it so enjoyable

The drum of the music
The vibrations in the air
The addicting sounds
Makes you feel on top of the world

The type of feeling that says,
"I can die happy"
The clarity and serenity in this moment
Makes me feel calm watching you

I wish I could feel this way
After this is over
Maybe I can see you in person
Without this disconnect
Hoping that concerts resume after the pandemic is over. I still have my tickets and I'll be ****** before I let go of them
nmo Apr 2017
wake up at six 6am.
grab my phone.
check my feed.

you are always
first post.
always wearing
your beautiful

maybe the algorithm
realized how
i stare at our photos,
some nights
before sleeping.

maybe he
makes the sum
of our unsaid words
and multiplies it
by those nights
i fell asleep in
your chest.

maybe he
never heard
our fights.
the shouting,
the crying.
or maybe he did
but just choose
to keep them
out of the equation.

maybe he
you are still
the first person
i think of
when i wake.

i scratch my eyes
and keep scrolling.
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