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leonard zinovyev Mar 2021
prank callers and Internet trolls
are much sought-after
and decently paid jobs
amid failing everything

is flowing freely

suspended sentence mode activated
leonard zinovyev Mar 2021
testing tacky technologies
on the attendees

a long way
from bright ideas
to floral tributes
leonard zinovyev Mar 2021
If I start to tell a story
you’ve heard before,
you just let me know.

I’ve told that one before,
that’s right,
and I’m gonna tell it again.

So, in the quantum world
we well may be a hologram.

A black hol-ogram.

Each time I pose for a selfie,
I wonder
where all the information
could have gone.

The black hole-as(s)-hologram…
Living on the boundary…
The camera failing to capture my whole head.

Sometimes I realize
I’ve told it before,
but just think,
“F**k it.”
Then I just tell it again.

I think
it’s a combination of poor memory
and not having learned much lately.

In all of recorded human history,
that has never occurred.

It’s amazing how easy it is
to sound profound
by stringing a bunch of unrelated words
leonard zinovyev Mar 2021
momenti difficili

devouring time
blunt thou the lion’s paws

tanto per cominicare
con un po’ di diplomazia

texting uploading downloading
checking peoples profiles
and sharing things
unable to keep track of time

superare le barriere
this is not real life

still a rat in a cage

still curious

about making a mark
on the world

riesci sempre a stupirci
leonard zinovyev Mar 2021
Idiocy Vs Idiocy Is Based On How You Recharge Your Idiocy

Idiocy Never Speaks In More Complicated Terms Than It Does

Idiocy Does Not Work In The Long Term

Why Idiocy Might Not Work For Everyone

Counseling For Alien Forms Of Life

What Has Become Of The Good Old Placebo-Effect-Based Discarded Theory?
found poetry, leonard zinovyev
leonard zinovyev Mar 2021
Doing cushiony cushy jobs. Sharing best practices. Dreaming of finding a decent travel agency. Having dreams of mushroom clouds rising above dumpsters. Showing the V sign with both legs upwards. Leaving office feet first. Staying in office feet first. Letting things slide to hell, while remaining unseen through the thin veneer of incompetence.
leonard zinovyev May 2019
How can you see anyone smile
in a phone call, anyway?


but they didn’t say
they did a Skype call,
just a simple phone call.

I am at a loss for emojis.

We are a toast.

May this end soon.
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