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Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
On this precious day
May your smile shine bright.
The best of gifts-
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Mounds upon mounds.
What ever the weather.
The best of gifts wrapped not in paper,
Fancy knots or bows.
But of skin.
These happy memories one of many.
Full of footsteps & voices.
Good cheer but a candle.
Flickering against the shadows,
This precious day but a wick,
Dwindling in bright red.
I find much comfort in every thought.
Each kiss.
Snuggled warm and tight in the many memories soon to come.
The best gift.
Taken out the box bright for all to see.
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Let it snow
n stiles carmona Dec 2018
mourning peace.
Mama pours a glass of mulled wine,
lights a scented candle
                               (- "cherries on snow" -)
and drinks to ol' Joan.

Passed down with the jewellery box,
somewhere in the will, the daughters
receive the annual chore of roasting
the turkey (delicious!) and the veggies
(good job!) and (could you pass the?) breadsauce
for their brothers and husbands huddled
            on a threadbare sofa -- and a younger girl,
            barely there, staring at a laptop screen.

Mama's not festive - always too tired -
barely celebrates, but orchestrates.
Years barely there 'cause she's needed in their kitchen
and someone's gotta cook can she please get a hand? and
one chivalrous male puffs out his chest, takes one for the team, gestures to the girl with no discernible attention span and
half-laughs an "ay, one day this'll be you!
Best get in there while you're young!"

                                                       ­   ((A baritone chorus of laughter.))

"You outdid yourself on the turkey."
"S'great, ain't it? Pass the potatoes."

Sometimes here, sometimes Spain.
We stay over. It's tradition: we're
scattered across the country,
maid duties are the least she can do.
Never our kitchen or living room.
Tiny. Messy. Unwelcoming.
Come Boxing Day, Mama gives
a bear hug goodbye and an
"it's good to see you";
Because it is, she thinks.
Thank you for inviting me
to carry out your labour.
I'm just grateful to be needed.

A month of red 'SALE' tapes
scouring the clearance shelves;
overtime for extra cash
scraped to afford the food she cooks you;
paying half for gifts she'd brainstormed
while Dad buys partial credit on the gift tag.
We leave your house.
happy holidays! if you rub your eyes, it semi-looks like a christmas tree.
Aduain Nov 2018
Tree and lights,
Shop window sights,
Frost and chill,
The presents bill!

Wrapping up gifts,
blizzard in drifts,
snow and gritters,
chintz and glitter.

pupil dilation,
paper in shreds,
curiosity fed.

Turkey and trimmings,
mulled drinks brimming,
family and friends,
latest toy trends.

Hat and scarf,
children’s laugh,
snowman’s nose,
frozen toes.

Christmas Telly,
big full belly,
children tired,
the roaring log fire.

Offspring to bed,
all cosy and fed,
deepest sleep,
Not a sound, not a peep.

Snowflake falling,
Relatives calling,
Music and dance,
Lost in a trance.

The Festive season,
Always good reason,
To meet up and blether,
Whatever the weather
Thomas Newlove Dec 2015
I'm feelin' inspired today o' alt'days - when George Bailey'st' richest man int'own, but I can't think of out worth writin' so I wrote this.
Tweet Verse is a poem which uses up all the characters allocated to a tweet on Twitter. This particular one is to be read in a Yorkshire twang (Northern England)
Damian Murphy Dec 2015
A lovely peaceful atmosphere
now that Santa has been and gone.
Surrounded by those we hold dear;
Merry Christmas everyone!

Families gather everywhere
for a Christmas celebration,
and all those who could not be there
are thought of on this occasion.

Sitting down to eat together
full of laughter, fun and good cheer
Times to be cherished forever;
A wonderful time of the year.

Roast turkey and ham with stuffing
with brussel sprouts, veg and gravy.
Then Christmas Cake and plum pudding,
Sherry trifle, mince pies maybe.

Christmas crackers ensure laughter,
funny hats and jokes in each one.
When dinner's done, shortly after
there are presents for everyone.

Then party games for all to play,
time for all to do as they please.
Such is the beauty of the day
when everyone is quite at ease.

I love Christmas I have to say,
time spent with friends and family.
In particular Christmas Day,
Of which I have fond memories.

— The End —