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Francie Lynch Dec 2020
Strange guests appear on Christmas Eve,
Entities, more real than seems;
And POTUS soon will get three visits,
From three well-known, transparent spirits,
That call as an unholy host.
Stormy, his first ghastly ghost,
Then Moscow Mitch to **** his boast;
But the ghost of Christmases to come,
Is New York's Vance; there's scary fun.
Francie Lynch Nov 2020
Many of the world's greatest Leaders throughout our tumultuous history have;
Many of  the insightful Revolutionaries in stink hole and glory hole countries have;
Many of the oppressed, disenfranchised and cheated also have.
Look to Lenin, Mandela, Gandi, Nehru, Havel, Bhutto, Ceausescu, Charles I, Papadopoulos, Lady Jane Grey, Louis XVI, Marcos, Milosevic, a pile of Mohameds, Mussolini, Nicholas II, Pinochet, Saddam, Marie Antoinette, Pope Clement V, Selassie, Baghdadi, Duvalier, and, let's not forget the author of Mien Kampf, Adolph the Tenderizer.
And what do they all have in common?
Some, before they became boldly notorious, and others, after they became criminally notorious.
Some, looked out their window and saw platforms being erected.
Others witnessed gallows, guillotines. posts and walls.
They all got some time in:
You get the idea.
His time will come.
Francie Lynch Nov 2020
I don't believe the sky is blue on a sunny day.
I don't believe the water's wet while dripping on my deck.
I don't believe in puppies, even as they nip.
I don't believe in the air I breathe as I call out for help.
I don't believe in cancer, though we're dying from it daily.
I don't believe in birth or death, and transmigration's crazy.
I don't believe in taxes, vaxes or laxatives.
I don't believe in schools, churches and stores.
I don't believe in spouses, I don't believe in ******.
I don't believe in poverty, just cause you have no money.
I don't believe in love or clowns, and I'm not being funny.
I don't believe in polls, police and office holders.
I can't believe the *******, even though the election's over.
This would be the creed of an evertrumper
Francie Lynch Nov 2020
I'm a loser.
I'm a loser.
And I'm all that I appear to be.

Of all the foes I have won or have lost,
There is one foe I should never have crossed.
He tallied tons more than I did my friends,
I'll not admit that I lose in the end.

I'm a loser.
I'm a loser.
And I'm all that I appear to be.

They say I look and I act like a clown;
My skin runs orange when I have my meltdowns.
My fears of jail are too real and acute,
A real man would self-aim and then shoot.

I'm a loser,
And I'm not the president you see.
I'm a loser,
And I'm all that I appear to be.

All I have done is the cause of my fate;
I'm old, bald, and stably overweight.
And so it's true pride comes before the fall,
It's also true they won't finish my wall.

I'm a loser.
And I'm not the president you see.
I'm a loser,
And I'm all that I appear to be.

(harmonica and don fade out)
Sung to the same title as the Beatles' song, "I'm A Loser."
Francie Lynch Jul 2020
If I was a bigot,
Or xenophobic,
Or prejudiced,
Or sexist,
Or racist,
Or even Evangelical,
I would argue
The Wrath of God
Has enveloped America,
Like a plague.
But I'm not, I'm a non-believer.
Francie Lynch May 2020
Don't you admire his ringwork;
His footwork and speed?
Dance. Jab. Dance.
Did you see Rambonehead snap?
Glossy-eyed. Swollen and staggering
Like the bloated incumbent.
Jab. Dance. Jab.
The Dope's been roped.
The final count's on.
Obama only has to say a few words to stagger the Rambonehead.
He floats and stings.
Francie Lynch Apr 2020
As in all Partici-Poems,
You're invited to add your own.
Based on Fake News and False Hope,
There's nothing here to help you cope.

Covid-19 is China's Beta version.
The real pandemic is yet to come.
They now have a one year head start.
They've proved they can isolate and destroy
Without leaving their country.
The Sleeping Giant has opened its eyes.

It's the Real Rich people's way of getting Really Richer.
It's a deal maker.
You're Hired.

It's all about Government Opportunity.
Remember Get Smart and the CONTROL Organization
For whom he worked.
If the shoe fits, GPS someone.

If we send young healthy Jimmy (who tested positive)
In to see all the Grandmas and Grandpas,
Think of the resources we'll free up.

Manipulate the markets.
Tell people Russia and the Saudis are friends.
But tell your family first.

Not only will it cure you, but it promotes
Natural skin color, whether black, white, brown or orange.
This is supported by the WH Medical Dream Team.
It's a miracle. Deus ex machina.
Will also give you blue eyes and blonde hair.

And please use a clean syringe when injecting disinfectant.


You're supposed to add your own conspiracy.
Francie Lynch Apr 2020
The White House is an inverse reflection
Of the matter/anti-matter chamber:
It's Not, The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
No. It's, The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.
What matters matters.
Trekkies will get the full allusion.
Francie Lynch Nov 2019
I won't come up short again,
Falling for clichés and praise,
Not now nor till the end of days.

I will not roll my weary eyes,
Shut ringing ears to truth-based lies;
Click my tongue or act surprised,
To the shenanigans of home-grown spies.

I will not throw up my hands,
But step close to the deathbed rant,
And hear the confessions
Of the Select's election;
The psalms of prophets
Who turned sour,
Who get ****** for their greed for power.

     I am he for whom you search,
      my manicure suits the crown.
      I'm not worthy for such honour,
      To be a prince or harlequin clown.
      You'll pardon me,
       If I misspoke,
       But you missed the punchline:
       I'm the joke
Francie Lynch Oct 2019
Whistle while at work,
Donald is a ****;
Giuliani strokes their egos
All the way to court.
Adapted from an old rhyme about the Axis leaders during WWII
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