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uv Apr 2022

A cold windy day.
Your palms are shivering
Under the gloves you wear.
With you are your loved ones
Laughing with play..
You sit down on those chairs
Chatting away...
Or may be waiting for some one
Who has lost their way. .
You look around and smile
You have had a wonderful day
May be you drink cofee
To keep the chill astray.
You click a photo
To remember someday...

To remember someday. 😁
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Andrii Panfilov Jan 2019
Roses are red, Violets are blue the monkey just escaped from the zoo, and so did you.
Moeshfiekah May 2018
A blank sheet of ripples
Let the ink roll down the tip
Many thoughts in the galaxy
Picking burning stars from the sky
Words rumbling from the mouth
Slipping out of the lips
The earth calling out my name
And I'll fall down down 6 feet under
Mayank Ricky May 2017
Day in and Day out !!
I walk down the same neighborhood
street laced with black and green patches.
And each day,
I rummage through my thoughts
of where I belong
where you have gone.
My happiness isn't tied to the
amount of money you left or
the money I make or amount of
friends I have.
I fine being alone and away
from the demands people tend
to put on themselves.
Live is tough enough.
So, Be there !! .
A wish for my angel guardian !!

— The End —