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The cloud is dark, It's a gloomy day
Perhaps this is the sign, the bleak sign i mourned for to absorb the breeding thought of killing my sprouting seed

Altering my future, an abuse of a forced choice
guided by my reason, responsive to the enslaving circumstances
I am enslaved to.

Or do i take this chance and swirl with the whirlpool in the troubled dark sea? Cast myself in it like Jonah?

My path is already marked, what i will do, what should i do? Silence my conscience and obey reason or follow passion and obey my energies? Or perhaps marry both?

After all, William Blake quotes: "Without Contraries is no Progression"

I will see in the end what will be, Que Sera Sera, and i will be sorry for the road not taken , diverged in this black wood.
Caught up in the shades of reality
myrrh May 2015
Let me undress your sanity
Make your mind bare, one petal at a time
Holding the pieces of your broken judgement
One more move and its checkmate
Washing the rights off your being
I am your God, I write your fate
Read your thoughts through your eyes
Put you in a sense of illusion
Make you define delusion
Im back! Bit Rusty though:3
Poetic T Apr 2015
Checkmate was the moves that followed me,
Each was noted as if known before I had stepped,
Frustration gained pace upon my fragile self.
Motion seemed stagnant and still,
My life was a dismal stalemate of defeat.
When all life feels like is a failure that builds upon each fall
MaryJane Doe Aug 2014
Hail to thee, thy restless Queen
       Shan't let her subjects down
For these things, she has seen
   She bare thy heavy crown

In our black & white battle
  A pawn took her rook
            So she lept to her saddle
To behead pawns & crooks

She rules by her rules
  As she captures his knights
        Jesters and fools
   Cant distract her this tonight

For thy queen
   Shan't find sleep
In this kingdom of hate
  Her word
     She shall keep
She will have her Check Mate
Elli Apr 2014
tick tock
goes the clock

darling you are now
under my spell

play in this game
called love

there is no escape,
you are now in the palm of my hands

if you fall first,
don't take this too seriously please, love is not a game. I was just writing for fun, no serious feelings intended.
Nickols Oct 2012
Waltzing into the blanket of dusk.
A pawn escaping across the checkered board,
Out and inwards to the green grassed yard.
A sleeting figure, past-and-future,
Gone the way of the fearless noble rook.
Down-acrossed squares of black and white.  
Into the field of endless battle.

This game we play, has become a tournament.
White against black, two players locked;
Locked in a battle of constant wits.
Who shall win?
The noble too afraid to capture the evil queen or,
The darkness plauging the board.

**Check and mate.
© Victoria

— The End —