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Marshal Gebbie Dec 2014
The fiscal snare is drawing tight
Putin’s day... now courting night,
Rouble tilts vertiginously
To Satan’s **** religiously.
Fiscal snare is drawing blood
A trickle then... is now a flood,
Russia’s central bank adjusts
But ineffectually, combusts.
Hard line prospects elbow dance
Aligning for assasins lance.

Better now, the Devil known
Than facing down an Unknown throne…..
Facing down an Iron call
With finger poised in nuclear thrall.

What choice now for ego’s Prince
Retreat from Eastern Ukraine’s wince?
Retreat Crimea’s balmy shores
To face the nationalistic howl of hordes?
Brinkmanship…the other way
A gamble that the West might sway?

Either way the game is up
Now bitter wine brims Russia’s cup.

Amelia Browder Apr 2013
The world is my chessboard.

The people are my pawns.

Moved to acquire my needs.

Everyone is just a piece,

In this cruel game.

I play them as I should.

Moving slowly and carefully.

Making my way to the checkmate.

Everyone has a part to play.

Mother and father, the Queen and King.

Brother and Sister, Knights.

Teachers, Bishops.

Friends, Rooks.

All just apart of the game.

Even me, the ruler of it all.

Fate as my opponent.

Conquering all the pieces of the game.

That's all it is.

Just a game.

And I will win!

When it comes to the end

And all my pawns are played

The words will slip off of my tongue.

The words that end it all.

My final command.

Rumi  Nov 2010
I Am and I Am Not
I’m drenched
in the flood
which has yet to come

I’m *******
in the prison
which has yet to exist

Not having played
the game of chess
I’m already the checkmate

Not having tasted
a single cup of your wine
I’m already drunk

Not having entered
the battlefield

I’m already wounded and slain

I no longer
know the difference
between image and reality

Like the shadow
I am


I am not
We found something worse than hate and love,
something that spawns when a heart is lost
and we thought it didn't exist, but it does
and we got hit with it's sun like the moss of a tree.

So now every time I fall for another one
it feels more like the ending of summer
and less like my favorite season.

Our mouths are loaded pistols
with golden bullet words that have no real direction,
spraying upwards towards a cloudless night sky,
but they never quite hit the stars.

I picked you out like a flower in a field
where the rain clouds stay,
where the ruiners of all good things play,
with temporary wars between you and I.

I moved your eyes like a chess piece
to wherever I walked in the room
so I checked into checkmate
so you could destroy me.
I thought you would have moved your rook
to E6, ending in a stalemate and us in love forever...

But you said "I'm so sorry" right before knocking my king over.

I hate your checkered past. I'm going to play solitaire.
Nickols  Oct 2012
Nickols Oct 2012
Waltzing into the blanket of dusk.
A pawn escaping across the checkered board,
Out and inwards to the green grassed yard.
A sleeting figure, past-and-future,
Gone the way of the fearless noble rook.
Down-acrossed squares of black and white.  
Into the field of endless battle.

This game we play, has become a tournament.
White against black, two players locked;
Locked in a battle of constant wits.
Who shall win?
The noble too afraid to capture the evil queen or,
The darkness plauging the board.

**Check and mate.
© Victoria
Poetic T  Apr 2015
Poetic T Apr 2015
Checkmate was the moves that followed me,
Each was noted as if known before I had stepped,
Frustration gained pace upon my fragile self.
Motion seemed stagnant and still,
My life was a dismal stalemate of defeat.
When all life feels like is a failure that builds upon each fall
Rachel Glass  Jun 2012
Rachel Glass Jun 2012
You caged me in your game of chess,
But you never taught me the rules.
I was only ever a mere pawn,
Never a courageous Queen.

You painted my entire life
But you blurred the lines and shapes.
I saw rainbows throughout my time
But you took away my colours.

You trapped me in a glass jar,
Like a lonely caterpillar.
When I bloomed into a butterfly,
You never let me spread my wings.

But now you’re losing power,
You’re controlling me no more.
I’m now getting stronger
And I’m evening the score.

My queen is moving in
Upon your mere pawn.
And all the colours have been drained,
From your life that you have drawn.

My butterfly spread her wings,
And she flew away from you.
And then she said ‘Checkmate!’
Because your chess game is now through.
Max Chisholm Jul 2010
When I got that call
I knew it was foul
I heard the name Jon
And I knew he was gone
Like a game of chess
He died a pawn
Never had time
To grow and spawn
The next couple days
Were filled with greys
I was feelin very blue
Not a clue what to do
Tryin to find out what I’m doin
I ended up missin the viewin
Missed my last chance to see
Where he would forever be
Man I feel bad
For Shamawd and Nancy
Sounds like a story
Straight from Tom Clancy
On April seven
He was sent to heaven
Or at least we hope
Cause he was sellin that dope
I wonder if I’ll ever
Be able to cope
We use to always play ball
And chill at the mall
I rue the day
When I got that call
People always say
Live and Die by the burner
But I’m the one
Whose brother got murdered
Your life was took
And now mines shook
Some people think
That you were a crook
But they didn’t know
That person inside
The one hiddin in you
Behind all that pride
You were on a mission
But you would never listen
And now were all sorry
Dealing with this quarry
Feeling like we
Should all go on Maury
Povich is a *****
You used to always say
But on April seven
At about eleven
You were shot and stripped
Dropped in a ditch
Now that I think
Was you a Crip?
Naw you was smarter then that
You always tried to earn it
But then again
You had your Unit
But that’s all in the past
The good memories will last
And dog you did
Go out wit a blast
Just like you said
But now you dead
2 in the shoulder
2 in the head
All cause of what
Some counterfeit bread?
Only a few people know
What really went on
The problem is
One of em’s gone
In my eyes
You were never a pawn
You were always the king
You had all the bling
And if you used your head
You’d have everything
The reality is
That it’s too late
Its unfortunate dog
Gone from our lives, not from our hearts.
Rest Peacefully.
Elli  Apr 2014
Elli Apr 2014
tick tock
goes the clock

darling you are now
under my spell

play in this game
called love

there is no escape,
you are now in the palm of my hands

if you fall first,
don't take this too seriously please, love is not a game. I was just writing for fun, no serious feelings intended.
Jowlough Feb 2011
She have created a world,
that she did not know.
have appointed a pawn,
to build it for her.

Waited until it's done,
never ever sat on it.
No worries and second thoughts,
trusted on her mighty wits

thought this was good,
Will make her the master.
To go with the trends,
of this fast phased ambience.

Did not care on the work,
Showed a little effort.
while the poor pawn,
was proving his humble worth.

stayed late,
worked overtime.
to polish the demands
of the demanding divine.

while Time had flee,
the so-called universe was done,
completed the systems,
of holy progress crowned.

Yes! she was overwhelmed,
without knowing the details,
as she takes the merit,
the deed and the title.

Not until a flaw,
was shown and highlighted,
because of her ill leadership,
issues have ignited.

why and why,
are the repeating questions,
all thrown to the poor pawn,
gazillion revisions.

Yes she knows why,
but she never cared.
you can't approach and talk,
but the mood was always there.

All the issues,
resulted from the unobserved.
Scattered around,
up down onboard.

And you can see,
the blame is always there,
for the incomplete universe,
she want's to give and share.

as she pushes the pawn,
off the high cliff,
with spikes and swords,
sinking quicksand beneath.

as the Queen wants it,
the fame and popularity,
easily shifts mood,
cannot adjust to scarcity.

As she blames it,
to the skilled pawn,
turns to her scapegoat,
to protect her own

to misguide and uplift,
one's own selves.
to project a good image,
and please the elves.

as she was pressured,
by his lord King,
yes! she's pressured,
without a wink.

and she had slaved the kingdom,
for a long long time,
oh darkness ruled,
as she drinks her wine.

Until the pawn had chance,
to gather alliance,
break free from slavery,
come and hear the mob's chant.

Until they realized,
that they are abused,
given a title,
that is always misused.

Until the pawn reacts,
had the ultimate break.
saw an opening,
and it's zap, it's checkmate .
(c) 2.23.11  -Until it's checkmate - jcjuatco
AM  May 2013
AM May 2013
If life were a chess game
Me against you
You'd sweep the board
Of my valiant little army of pawns
Capture all the kings horses
And all the kings men
Yell "Checkmate!" in triumph
And leave me to place my pieces
Back together again
Kati Davis Nov 2015
A Curse or A Blessing

Time is a gift
a healer
it heals the wounds we
have yearned to close
it heals the times we
long to forget
it's a healer
friendships grow stronger with each passing hour
couples loving every minute they are together
families enjoying the second spent together
time is a curse
a stealer
poison to our blood
venom that there is no cure too
the only known thing that will never stop
you cannot out run time
it will always win in the end
it’s a stealer
it will tear us apart
our skin going wrinkly
our minds no longer young and free
held down
by the weight of the world
causing us to lose ourselves
time is a
it steals our breath
is the reason why we
learn from our mistakes
we will never make the same one twice
why our internal wounds close
that gaping hole through our heart
that seems to always bleed
seals as
time goes on
why we have to die
why we grow old
why we lose our innocence
everything will leave
the sun will lose its light
the lights that keeps us warm
is slowly fading
the icebergs are slowly melting
the world a little more worried about what
will happen in
10 years
we are becoming engulfed
the wave is about to
crash over our head
drowning us
making us count the minutes
until the class is over
high school is over
college is over
a job is over
a hard time is over
we count each passing minute
till we are finished
we think now we can take a break
but time doesn’t take a break
it stops for no one
and no thing
we have to realize
the wave has crashed over
drowning us
filling our lungs with the moments
that we wish would be over
not the moments we can’t forget
each passing hour filling
our head with moments
that make us think
and wonder when
we get a break
the wave has drowned us
the wave of time.  
Time has won
it always will
the wrinkles on our skin  
prove that
the ice that is melting
the sun that is fading away
the world run by technology
the power
being abused
the hope that keeps us living
one day after another
after all time does in the end
takes our breath away
is part of times plan
we are chess pieces
in time’s game and
we always seem to be in checkmate


again and again
we are losing our sanity to time
the ice melting
proves that
our resources diminishing
proves that
why can’t we out run time?
Because time will keep on ticking

tick tock
goes the clock.

— The End —