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The Chameleon is as beautiful as its surroundings
So the surroundings affect the chameleon's beauty.
Yet, if there is no beauty around,
it'll be the chameleon who interferes with
the surrounding, being now the
"beautiful chameleon in a beautiful place"
Emma Beckett Jul 2018
I am a chameleon
Black, white, red or blue I’ll be whoever you want me to.
In therapy I’m told it’s because I don’t know who I actually am, but the thing is there I am also a chameleon.
While sitting in that uncomfortable leather chair I’m a girl unsure- broken by the weight the world places on my shoulder but outside of that room I’m more sure of myself then I am sure of the laws of gravity.

I am a chameleon
Most days my name is Emma, other days its Emilia and on the rare occasion its Ellie. It may seem a little odd to you to have so many different names but I think it’s because I truly am different people.
See Emma is serious, but she has a fun side, while Emilia is fun with a serious side. Ellie is that broken girl from the uncomfortable chair while Emilia is always smiling never feeling an ounce of pain. Emma, well she’s broken too, but in a different way- that dosen’t matter much though because there is no way in hell she will let anyone see that.

I am a chameleon
But not in a disingenuous way. I’m not trying to lie or make you like me. Don’t get me wrong, I want you to like me, but I learned long ago that no matter how hard I try there will always be someone who doesn’t.

I am a chameleon
Because I love you so much it hurts, that’s why I want you to have a version of me you flel in love with. The person I truly am changes with the tide- she is far to disconcerting. So for you I will pretend that I find “Grey’s Anatomy” enjoyable or that I like eating eggs because you deserve some shred of consistency.

I am a chameleon
I hide from the world by blending into the background- it’s safer that way. Not just for me, but for you to. That way I can only show the parts of me that is safe for you to see. The heaviest pieces that have caused so many people to run will remain invisible.
You tell me you want to see. You tell me that you want to carry my burdens. The thing is, others have tried but, eventually, they are all crushed under the weight of my brokenness. So, I am not afraid that you will leave, I am afraid that you will stay.

I am a chameleon
Because I choose to be. See if I blend in then you can’t get too close to me. The farther away you are, the less it will hurt should I disappear and the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

I am a chameleon
Because I haven’t truly decided if I am going to stay yet.
Mims Oct 2018
The Bird is never still
Flying from one topic to the other
Her chatter loud and uncensored
Her friends twittering at her to be quieter
The Bird has many friends
But Birds always sleep alone
And cold
With their hollow bones

The Fox is the Bird's friend
The Fox is tricky
Weaving in and out of conversations
And sleek
The Fox makes rabbits fall in love with her so she'll have plenty to eat
The Bird and the Fox are unconventional friends
Friends no one would think would click
But the Bird will chatter and chatter and the Fox will quietly sit
Listening to everything
Retaining information

The Chameleon is the Fox's and the Bird's mutual friend
When with the Fox they match their red
When with the Bird they match their blue
And so on
So no one really knows the Chameleon's true colors
Whoever you are
They'll match you
Blending in
A social camaflouge
That they think keeps them safe

And when together they are quite
A sight
Wandering loudly
Through the night
They are a strange group
And when together they're tight
Exchanging advice
Or judging each other

But never outright

You'll never catch the bird
But be careful if you do
If not gentle with your touch
Her bones will crack right in front of you

The Fox puts on a face
Bearing teeth and changing mates
But under all that glossy fur
She's scared that you won't want her

If you catch the Chameleon off guard
You might be surprised
What you see is never what you get
But if you look real hard
The chameleon will freeze and fall down to their knees
please, please, just like me

A tale of a friend group
The golden rays are all on ****** green.
And here I sit in a fix:
‘Which mask to choose for today?’
A smile of pretence,
Or a frown of reality;
Don’t panic; I’m a Chameleon.

Then I chose the smile.
For the malice in me told so.
Cause I met you this morning,
And I couldn’t show you my true face.
I chose to pretend to my best.
And see; I was successful in fooling you.
And I’m Chameleon, you know.

I said I was ‘sorry’,
Wonder even my lips meant that?
I changed my color from black to white.
You seemed fine and there I succeed.
For the fire burning in me,
Ignited me each second;
No offence, I’m a Chameleon.

In the process to demolish you,
I had annihilated myself.
When I stood before the mirror,
I couldn’t identify myself.
On my way to success,
I was successful in becoming a monster.
I succeeded to fool myself, not you.

I know; I shouldn’t panic as I’m a chameleon.
While changing color so often, I was transformed into a beast.
But no regrets, I’m a chameleon.
I have masks to hide my ugly self.
Have numerous colors to change.
Have a simple sweet sorry to tell.
I’ll be me; a proud shameless Chameleon.
Nicole  May 11
Nicole May 11
That's what they call me
But I change so much, I forgot what colour I started with

That's what they call me
I can be anything that they want me to be, but I will be who I wanna be

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go

I feel them watching
Yeah, I'll give them the show
They say I'm crazy
But they don't really know me

I hear them talking
But I'm deaf while I soar
The sky is falling
After rains, I explode

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go

They wanna build me up
They wanna nip and tuck me
But who I am is enough
I know I'll always love me for me,

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go
Ellis Brown  Jul 2012
Ellis Brown Jul 2012
Nothing special,
nothing to attract attention.
Standing in the middle of a two-way street.
No direction,
no motivation.
One out of everything.
Nothing stands out,
nothing stands apart.
Blending into anything and everything.
Becoming a chameleon,
bit by bit
but what’s the true color or a chameleon?
Nobody knows,
nobody cares.
maxime  Feb 2017
maxime Feb 2017
He called me a chameleon once.
The words fell like sweet thick honey that matched his sandy blonde hair.
It fell just over his eyes. I had to duck and search to meet his gaze.
He told me that I acted like a mother to one, and a daughter to another.
He told me that he had yet to figure out my true colours.

I only smiled.

He studied me carefully everyday afterwards.
Peering, leering, examining every last breath that left my lips.
I chuckled, and allowed it, knowing he could spend his life dedicated to studying me yet never find the answer he was looking for.
A chameleon can only blend in with what surrounds them,
fire, blue skies, dark blizzards, animated companions.

A chameleon can never see the colour of its own skin, because it's too busy trying to match everyone else.
Kelly Michelle Mar 2013
want nothing, say nothing, feel nothing..

show nothing, take nothing, give nothing..

She's a chameleon with a steely soul.
She'll not sell herself for another to hold.

love nothing, care nothing, keep nothing..

surrender nothing, live nothing, die nothing..
A role.

She's a chameleon with her mind turned loose.
She'll not be coming back for anyone's use.
brandon nagley Aug 2015
Her eye's, Asian heaven's
Her hair, universal obsidian;
She camouflage's in the mountain's
An Asiatic goddess chameleon.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©earl Jane nagley dedication
Travis Nov 2011
Chameleon of Pretense

True colors
Not always colorful
No absolutes
No boundaries
Shades of gray
Deep dark deceit
Disguises shallow self
A chameleon of pretense
Forever changing
Their spectrum of sincerity
To temporarily fit
The moment at hand
Pretending and professing
Haughty hypocrites are we
And single-handedly
A colorful
Glittering glutton
Of pride...

Day  Nov 2011
the chameleon rhine
Day Nov 2011
it’s with a heavy heart that I expel these thoughts to endless seas
toward oblivion I see a vibrant, burning entity
inviting me to spill my blood
and to unwind my mind for him,
with faith I leap beneath and into the chameleon rhine.
Her tide will keep me safe from monsters that I swim among
and current pulls me further, and then pushes me back in again.  
it’s with some heavy feet that I’ll now walk toward the ball of fire;
o’ shame of my confessions please don’t yeild this truth from me.
“I am the only truth,” he states;
we speak for weeks or minutes or days
about purple and orange and yellow and green
and how to see the colours of me;
how the blue isn’t blue unless you really look
and how you can’t believe everything you read in a book.
I tell him of sadness, which dulls his glow.
I tell him of the soulless, which he knows so well.
I tell him about sidewalks and concrete fields,
and how our trees have fallen ill.
and he speaks in short, brash flashes;
he is everything
and then nothing;
he’s gone before I get to say goodbye or really even said hello
and all I know is I’m left with nothing
and something,
and if I keep following the rolling stream
North and South and West and East,
and if I flow as One, surely I’ll find him again
and when I do I'll spill my self;
my mind, my body and this soul as One into the chameleon rhine.

— The End —