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3purplepebbles Nov 2017
When we think of what hell is, we usually think about the firey place depicted in cartoons
But wouldn't this be quite accurate?
Cartoons are places with no true rules or order
anything is possible
Wouldn't hell be a place of things that make no sense?
A place that follows no laws?
A place nearly fictional but made real by the millions who believe
Thinking of Tom and Jerry
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
Our reputation never had a chance
Since the fat boy did his dance.
Here he is to ruin the land!
Mighty Mouth's underhand!
He has never had a single clue
Not a thought for me or you.

He stays surrounded by some total jerks
Who always nod “okay”
No matter what he says he wants to do
No matter what he’ll say.

We should be shivering in our bikinis
He’s nothing but a modern Mussolini.

Yessir, everything he does is for cash
And his family is a bunch of trash.
Our country will be great again
But not if Mighty Mouth stays in.
Vincent JFA Mar 2017
we could move back to The Cul-de-Sac
when we're ready to visit
the simpler times,
and you could be Kevin,
revving up your motorcycle
in our driveway every Friday night,

and we'd enjoy the boiling stars
on our walk down The Lane,
and you'd tell me that it took
a few years to appreciate it,
but you love how the aroma
of my Krankshaft No. 5
has grown on you,
"'... fresh cut spring flowers
strewn across a babbling brook
with a hint of lemon.' isn't that
what that one dork said
it smelled like, back in 1999?

Funny how time flies, man,
how about when we get home,
we watch some cartoons,
and you can scratch my head,
and we can watch our tongues
change color from the jawbreakers
that I've been saving for us tonight?"

Yeah, wouldn't that be nice?
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
To what do I owe this childlike obsession
If chosen to be called that.
Am I exaggerating this whole thing, putting too much thought into something so simple.
The characteristic that gives chase day in and day out.
I dream and I chase.
I chase and I awake.
Am I humanly incapable in presuming that this is all I need.
Before the first day, I truly lived life without purpose.
Stuck in endless boredom,
An endless contemplation debating which dining room set looked better
Without a dining room to occupy the full set.
Whom is the turtle, whom is the hare.
Whom provokes who. Which one is you.
Which one is me.
Antagonizing this urge, a simple conversation turns to more.
To taste, to smell this infatuation each time your around.
Realizing the hunger that persisted to move my feet in a forward motion.
Driving me to the brink of insanity. The earliest appearance, the first time you 
ran from me.
The second time you ran, I thought maybe it was me.
Something I said. Maybe you were busy.
The third time, I saw it as the gateway to my time no longer being mine.
The silly things you do.
The teeth gritting. Fist clinching, I can't believe you just did that fall out into laughter. Do it again, I can't believe we almost tried to **** each other kind of silly.
Through it all I do care about you.
Despite the sound of buckshots you always find a way to outwit me
Snehith Kumbla May 2016
eons before
set in

closer to

years away
from sin

her name
was flame,
in the local

we were
eight, and
all she asked
me to do

was knot
up the left
of her

it was
a quiet

yet what
I felt then
was an
of love

that hours
spent together
watching Tom
& Jerry on VHS

had culminated
to this sweet
little gesture
of innocence
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Supposedly too much television will rot your brain away
BUT... you can 't believe what everyone may say

KERMIT told us it ain't easy being green
TAYLOR SWIFT taught us people can be trouble & really mean
SEBASTIAN the CRAB told us it is better down where it is wetter
CINDERELLA taught us that eventually things will get better
SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS told us over & over he's READY! he's READY!
THE TORTOISE taught us that being quick may not always work
KAYNE WEST taught us people are rude, interrupting, annoying & huge jerks
MR KRABS taught us some people are money hungry & greedy
LINDSAY LOHAN taught us some people are attention needy
DORA THE EXPLORER taught us to live our life as an adventure & go explore
SWIPER taught us to always go for more
SQUIDWARD taught us not everyone has happiness to share
PATRICK STAR taught us that some people's heads are filled with air
PLANKTON taught us that you can never give up on reaching your goal
ALICE's curiosity taught us don't chase white rabbits with pocket watches down their hole
PETER PAN taught us to live carefree & have no worries at all
HORTON taught us that a person is a person no matter how small
THE LORAX taught us to take care of our trees
SNOW WHITE taught us that there maybe more than what the eye sees
TOMMY PICKLES taught us sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
THE GRINCH taught us that deep down inside, the cruel have hearts too
NEMO'S DAD MARLIN taught us you can't protect people from all & or any danger
BARNEY taught us not to talk to a stranger
LILO & STITCH taught us no one gets left behind or forgotten, that is "OHANA"
SOUTH PARK taught us not to give a **** & some friends can be a huge ****** BAG
JUSTIN BIEBER taught us what isn't "SWAG"
STEWIE taught us that even if you're talking not everyone is listening
NELLY taught us that not everywhere has air conditioning "HOT IN HERRE"
DOROTHY taught us is you want to go home just click your heels three times & repeat "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"
SOUTH PARK'S TWEAK taught us that your underwear get stolen by the underwear gnomes

So much we've unknowingly managed to obtain
secretly stored in our brain
celebrities, songs, shows & even cartoons have taught us a lot
& that's what life lessons are all about
little hidden lessons & messages everywhere
& completely unaware you pass it on & share
Mike Jewett Mar 2015
Be-be-be-because, he starts,
stutters breaking words apart,
intoning what he’d overheard;
it’s painful listening, like darts

prying loose repeated words.
Naught’s amiss, we say, the birds
they laugh at us, ignored lampoons
and bullies’ taunts, how absurd.

He sits and watches his cartoon-
two mice who call a cat buffoon
I hate mieces to pieces!* shouts
Jinx the cat; it ends too soon.

Our son despises school, flat out.
We believe him, there’s no doubt,
But he’s a well-adjusted sprout
But he’s a well-adjusted sprout.
Utilizing the form in Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Rhyme scheme: AABA BBCB CCDC DDDD, written in iambic tetrameter.
MdAsadullah Jan 2015
Irresponsible behaviors.
Civility of civilised on test.
Much arrogance and pride.
In extremes who's the best?

Insensitive to alien customs.
Insensitive to other's belief.
Then why teach tolerance?
Kindly explain, please debrief.

**** anti-Semitic cartoons!
Didn't it led to Death Camps.
Can we call this Freedom.
Ask yourselves, O Champs!

I am Charlie! I am Charlie!
The echoing words I hear.
I am Kouchi! I am Kouchi!
Might be heard I fear.
Let me first condemn all acts of terror.If 12 year old girl commits suicide after being mocked relentlessly by her classmates can we say like Hebdo her classmates have the right of freedom of expression? And if the vicious mockery of alien beliefs and customs is just form of free speech, what is the point of teaching tolerance and cultural diversity? line must be drawn between free speech and hate speech.
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