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watching purported heads of state
stage their pr shows on their national television
     aired internationally
for very obvious purposes

makes you wonder
whether these so-called politicians
really believe they speak to total idiots
or have just lost the ground under their feet

in the end, though,
*** do I worry

the results are the same
Aaron LaLux Feb 2018
Big Brother probably has me blackmailed,
for something I did in practically a past life,
never was one for playing the back field,
always more than kinda liked the spotlight,

plus I was comfortable it,
look how smooth I moved,
a fine guy a good man,
a bad boy but a cool dude,

not the type to stress you out,
or mess about and be rude to you,
nope no ma’am not him so how,
did they blackmail him oh well boo hoo,

can’t cry over spilt guilt,
can’t die over pet regrets,
you’ll survive that’s why they call it will,
not Smith’s kid but gifted yet no stress I’m set,

so let them watch me,
if anything they’re probably protecting me,
the New World Order has to have a face,
call me The Not So Anonymous Conglomerate of Everything,

stop freaking out everything’s fine,
and I can’t think of anything to do about it but type,
maybe make love do a few drugs,
then get back to the grind,

lost my mind,
tell me have you seen it,
it’s dark in here and there are cobwebs,
call me a cab I don’t have to be convinced I mean it,

Mary and Joseph,
I wouldn’t even believe I wrote this,
if I wasn’t the one that was there when He wrote this,

he as in me but anyways,
it doesn’t matter nothing does these days,
might flash a wave as we roll by on the freeway,
but other than that I don’t have much free time,

wanna know a not so abstract fact about Yours Truly,
sure why not let’s get to the plot of this movie,
I’m still living with my regrets,
can’t shake em like an ocean swim and I’m still wet,

this might not be a movie but it definitely feels like a movie set,

I guess,
all these screens I’m seeing these days has me confused,
I don’t know the real me nor do I know the real you,
I mean I thought I liked you but then I met YouTube,
and now well I just don’t have time hope I’m not being too rude,

it’s just these days I spend more time on computers than I do on you,

or with you,
and I’m sorry it seems it’s easier not to care,
go out this days and see Fifty Shades of Gray,
but not the shades that come with underwear,

the shades,
that come with disconnection,
as what used to be turn on tune in drop out,
begins getting spun in the opposite direction,

drop in turn out and turn off,
and this is the part,
where I don’t know if I should continue,
or if I should just stop,

so I stop,
don’t want to do anything I’d regret,
because I know They would love to blackmail me,
and they would’ve already if they had something to blackmail me with,

but they don’t having anything to use against me yet,
as I squint my eyes and focus on the TV set,
okay it’s not a TV it’s a computer but what’s the difference,
gosh this has been one heck of a ride are we there yet,

I give up let’s get going,
I’m ready to get off this ride,
leave this confused amusement park,
maybe go for a five day trek outside,

camp under countless stars,
lay on my back and gaze at the sky,
where I can be safe and at peace from the breath of the beast,
no screens nor cameras no intrusive spying prying eyes,

just myself with the Creator,
“Thank God I’m Alive!”,
then take another breath in and end with,
“Peace To All See You On The Other Side.”,

I too am in this experimental life,
please remind me of your name,
and enlighten me as to why we’re alive,

Big Brother probably has me blackmailed,
for somethings I possibly did in a past life,
never was one for playing the back field,
always more than kinda liked the spotlight…

∆ LaLux ∆

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Zyanneh Frazier Dec 2017
You seem to be my Clyde to my Bonnie
You seem to be my Martin to my Gina
You seem to be my Bobby to my Whitney
And you are more than I could ever ask for
You get on my nerves
You call me names (but in a friendly way)
You tell me your honest opinion
And you even check others when it comes to me!
You are my Micky to my Minnie
You are my Homer to my Marge
You are my Peter to my Louis
And you are someone I can trust
You helped me up whenever I was feeling down
You showed me that giving up wasn’t an option
You treated me like no other!
You can be my Simba to my Nala
You can be my Prince Adam “Beast” to my Belle
You can be my Shrek to my Fiona
And you can be more than just my friend
You honestly opened my eyes
You made me change my mind about dating
You always told me I was beautiful!
You will forever be my Lucious to my Cookie
You will forever be my Jamie to my Fancy
You will forever be my Dwayne to my Whitley
And I plan on making this last forever
You seem to be my friend
You seem to be my lover
You seem to be my other half!
I think you’re my best friend...
Can you guess all the couples from my favorite movie, cartoons, tv shows, or just from the media? lol
Oh Archie,

The Don speaks so kindly to our generation...
I wish you were here to hear,
To lament, with me...

Oh Archie,

It seems so difficult this modern life.
This place of no rewards, one knows what started it all,
how life was great once here in America.

Oh Archie,

They've taken over your favorite past-time, television!

They're everywhere nowadays my love...
You can't get away from them; like ****-a-roaches.

I see them out in the marketplaces and wonder;

"Can these people understand English?"

"Do they remember that white people saved the world in WWII?"

"Do they care that someone else built civilization?"

Oh Archie, love,

I miss you.
I must live on another world or something? No one has ever seen Archie Bunker?
Tab Mar 2016
Depression ft anxiety
its one hell of a show
ups and downs
you can binge watch it for days
**even years

— The End —