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Andrew Rueter Dec 2020
I thought your love for me was a form of animal husbandry
but after two humps
you became the camel that broke the straw’s back.
Àŧùl Nov 2020
Oh no, oh no,
No, Abdul, No.

It's not what you assume,
Not at all the religion of peace.

But yes, you guys drink camel ****,
So, yes, you definitely follow it.

With ***** on your head,
I see you dancing in the desert.

Yes, you follow it closely,
The black book of Satan.

What you are is nowhere peaceful,
Yours is not a faith in peace.

No, Abdul, no, what you follow is
The Religion of Camel ****.

My HP Poem #1897
©Atul Kaushal
Poetic T Jan 2020
If her trousers were any
I'd have to get the clippers out

  As that toe, was in need of a trim..
do you say a word

every time a woman met her husband

looked at his eyes and stayed for a word

he didn't say it, as he has got tired

he went asleep without saying that word

except good night and morning may be good

the woman was pretty, the woman was young

the woman wanted to be heard, she wanted to be fold

when she went a walk, one comes along

he was strange he had a bad heart

his heart filled with hate, his heart like an art

extracting by devil extracting by hard

now the angel went away and the devil brought

the strange went in a hurry and he looked

at her face with an only big smile

he said to her one, two, three, all words

how attractive are you? Why aren't you touched?

How are you walking on foot? you must ride!

Inexpensive car, or high-rank plane in its ride

If they were not, you must ride

A good horse spread wide

If it was not that, you must ride

A strong camel wearing a beautiful dress

Its colors gain from your cheeks red in appearance

And green as yours, the shinning of your eyes

And yellow in above as your hair colors

If it was not there, you must ride

A man who carried you without any pain

He can travel with you, felt with again

Happy, strong eager and you would be his woman

Come with me and you would be heard another

The woman lost her mind, the woman appeared another

The woman had not seen, a strange in her thought

As she heard what she wanted for a time she went blind

She obeyed him and let him ride

They took his car, it was not unlike
everyone needs to see him or herself in the high position. women need fold and great hanks.
Danial John Feb 2018
Please, just please
Put me out of my misery
I can't stand existence
I didn't ask for this ****

Why, oh why, must I be
Put me out of my misery
Slit wrist or a noose around my neck
I'm almost ready, but not yet

A straw, a brick
A hug, a kiss
Poisoned thoughts
I've had enough of this

Broken backs, broken dreams
You have no idea what I've done, and what I've seen
I cannot end it, because I deserve this pain
I'm a loser and hate the game

Purge my soul
Break my bones
Leave me broken
Or send me home
Oni Olusegun Aug 2017
Like a camel
Quietly chasing after the dangling carrot,
We embark on a long journey
endless yet promising

Like a hungry squirrel
Supercharged with adrenaline
We fight tooth and nail to get nuts
Out of air-tight glass bottle

Like a scientist
Who doesnt know when to stop
We jumped out of frying pan into fire

What truly break our heart, if not hope?
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