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Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
Hitting the vase
Emptying my angst

Unsolicited stranger

Not brave



I am better
Than this

I compare
The situation

To my past
Errands of old

Trusting my instinct

I decide to

I admittedly

Evil and vile
Thought or emotions


God's descent

With Abel
Hating Cain

Fall with me
Loving gypsy gold
Poetic T Dec 2017
Feathered motivations coated
                  within every layer of
     her distorted refection.

No one will taste the flavours of  
              her contorted thoughts,
everyone coated in delusions...
Hands tainted
by Crimson Stain

Even the Great Flood
can't wash this sin

Hell itself
cannot contain

Demons burn me
from within

Culled my brother
like I'm Cain.
07 August 2015

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Corvus Apr 2017
He watches; quiet, reflective.
No doubt he detected
The weight of my
Body-shaped shame.
My name similar to his,
Who now rots under sunlight,
Unabashed in his righteousness
To which I was blind.
I find myself here,
In a garden once perfect,
Now tainted with ******.
I heard the scratching,
Faint at first,
So I turned and saw him.
The raven watches;
Quiet, perceptive,
His gaze so effective.
His foot scratches the ground,
Making a sound that feels
Almost peaceful.
He unearths the freedom
That I need him to show me.
Just below me,
The earth is opening up.
I grab my brother's limp arm,
Drag him away
From the evidence of his harm.
Further away
From the judgment of God.
The raven approves;
He quietly nods.
Decided to take part in NaPoWriMo.
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
Little baby Abel
Rocks in his cradle
He doesn't know his fate yet
But his killer he has met

Little boy Cain
Standing in the lane
He doesn't know his fate yet
Wonder if he'll feel regret

Abel always did what he was told
Cain was adventurous and bold
Abel was the baby, apple of his parent's eye
Cain could see this and it made him cry

Look after your younger brother he was told
And with that anger was sowed
Cain couldn't go and do his own thing
To his brother he was chained

And the day at the alter was the final straw
Cain was filled with jealousy by what he saw
Even God loved Abel more than him
So he committed his first sin

A split decision was made
And soon on the ground his brother layed
Abel's blood soon soaked the ground
And from heaven came an awful sound

God spoke to Cain for the very first time
"In this land that is mine"
"You can no longer stay"
"You now must travel far away"

Now their parents lost two sons
They had showen more favor over one
And in return they lost both of them
Abel killed by his brother's hand, Cain by God himself condemned
Forgive me father,
for I have sinned.
I have spilled my brother’s blood
and cursed humanity far worst than you did.
Doomed to be the creatures who invented ******,
Oh tell me, father, what have I done?

My demons won out
and my jealousy raged.
I let my anger consume me,
and my dragons grew stronger.

In my hand, I hold my brother’s beating heart,
Oh tell me,
tell me, father.
What have I done?
Astral Aug 2015
Are we what we think we are?





Do we live in the space of reality, or merely the reailty of a fantasys delusion
Do you hold the serpents tongue? Do your palms seek to destory creation?
Who is the child of Christ, when God is the curve of the Devil’s smile
Do we seek the bliss of human community, or do we wish to merely control what we want?
Are we the true heart of darkness?
Or are we merely the blood pumping that most poison of ruby
Cecil Miller Jun 2015
I don't believe in Cain and Abel.
It is, like, a fairy tale; a fable.
If the world had no glocks,
We could defend ourselves with rocks.
I was sporting with fb friends about a sign that cited the first credited ****** in the world in the gun control debate. I wanted to respond in a cute way. Is bringing up the idea of ****** really a good idea when beseeching to have less gun control?
Dusk Jun 2015
His consciousness moved,
his body did not.
He was bound
to the ground.
A fallen angel
stood amidst
the tempestuous
yet he did not burn.
The younger brother
was unstable,
he must be put
to the test.
the angel
a blade
of immense strength
that wielded
the powers
of his hell,
upon its hilt
-in seraphic
Use it
he said.
Use it as
a vessel
of your

At once,
His soul
clung to
the demonic
his body
was left behind.
You cannot leave,
the angel said,
unless he is
to this side.

And Abel knew
what must be done,
and began the
journey out
of the inferno.

Dusk Jun 2015
he was;
forced to roam
these lands
until the
last of days.
A divine sigil
rests upon
his brow;
an invitation
to imminent
T'was he
who slew
his brother,
and by doing so,
had dug
two graves.
his brother
was not lost,
For eons
he slumbered
in the pit;
his revenge
fueling the
raging infernos
that surround him.
Until one day,
he stirred.
And upon his
he recalled
a name,
and his fury
grew all the more.

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