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Bernadette Nov 2018
My head feels fuzzy and I don't know why
And that is not a lie

Clarity does not come easily
anxiety comes breezily

My brain makes me feel sad
and oh so bad

People try to help me but I do not heed
I cannot plead

My fuzzy head is not my friend
I do not want this to be the end

So I fight on
I will not yawn
Till the break of dawn
how I feel right now
Bernadette Nov 2018
Oh how I knew
that I had too much to do

but instead of doing what needed to be done
I sat around and did none

too many things are on my brain
I almost feel like Cain

but instead of Abel being my brother
I am killing another

another me
a productive we

A me who could see the things to be done
but alas the current me had outrun.
I have an accounting midterm tomorrow so instead i'm writing poems
Bernadette Nov 2018
I’m Self Destructive and I don’t know how not to be
I want to be productive but the demons in my head don’t agree

They say “who needs to pass classes, who needs to go to work”
These voices in my head are my one catastrophic quirk  

I try to be good, I try to do be headstrong
But these monsters refuse to stop their stupid song

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to be
If only the monsters in my head will just shut up and let me be me.

— The End —