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Sacred Johnson Nov 2018
Stay away from this dark heart of mine, you might fade.
Donnie Ray May 2017
I know I drink too much,
I know I speak of you everytime,
I know it was my fault,
I know you could have been mine,
I know I didn't say you things that should have been told,
I know that I wasn't too bold to face you,
because of the diffrences that we had,
Because you my lady were a scholar,
And I was a backseat lad.
Days didn't go by,
Years wasn't counted,
seeing you and the sun shine,
I don't how many layers of feelings have been mounted,
stay still girl...As your hair trembles down'
to lashes of your eyes,
your dimples on your cheeks,
the curvature of your smile,
they all are like the full litted moon,
on the backdrop of my night.
You see I drink too much,
And yes I do speak of you everytime,
And I love you too much ,
for you to have been mine
Taylor Sanchez Apr 2015
Not even all the ***** in the world could numb the pain that your words caused. All the drugs that consumed me, still couldn't consume the essence of your skin that lingered on my clothing. Because the moment I looked at my hands and yours weren't there interlocked with mine, the memories came flooding back, shot after shot. The ***** burned my throat as it traveled down, but the pain was worth the attempt of forgetting you and the heartache you caused me, even if only for a moment.

Because I would do anything to not feel the pain, every second of every day. Until the day after comes, and I'm hungover in bed thinking about what way I'm going to drown the memory of you, when in fact

              There is no way.

There is no way to forget your lips traveling down my body. Maybe I like to be in that state of mind because in my perfect world you're mine and I'm yours. But every shot reminds me I'm not yours and that you don't care to be mine. "This one is for the day your lips met my neck." "This one is for the day you said you'd never leave." But where are you now?

Not even with all the ***** in the world, will I ever be "ok" again. I'm not me, I'm just the mess you've created. I'm sorry for the mess you made me.

samantha Sep 2014
i will be drunk texting you  a lil later
wait for me
when i have that "cup courage"
no contemplating
a short lived decisive moment
ready to wake up feeling pathetic to my act
small and desperate to no response
fasten your seat belt or change your number
as i will be drunk texting you every Friday

— The End —