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Hong Denice Jun 2017
Chasing your dreams does not mean leaving behind your morally right and christlike values, character, behaviour, people and the most heart breaking is putting God aside. No matter what you believe He exists or not....You will have to take responsibilities of your mistakes or the better word sins.    Mistakes are mistakes and sins are sins  Those are two different things.
Hong Denice May 2016
This poem
is not about you

even though
your spirit is in every word
your voice sounds strong
in the halls of my mind
telling me things
I am now sure
I want to know

this poem is
about me

trying to understand

By "Walter W Hoelbling"
#anticipation #wondering
Hong Denice Jan 2016
Why do you tell everyone that you like.
but you do not like
Why do you tell everyone that you love
But you do not love
And worse
Why do you say
that you do not love the person
But on the inside
you do
Hong Denice Jan 2016
A place full of grasses, plants and trees, sun exposure, animals, birds, oxygenated air, minds are cool and thinking conclusions.   Is surely a beautiful place to live in.  Rather than a place surrounded by towers, cements, walls, minds are thinking of how to defeat the other, covered with shades or darkness.
Until the walls break down.
Then every human will seek real life.
Hong Denice Jan 2016
Sometimes in life
The journey matters more
Than the goal.
Hong Denice Dec 2015
We say things are complicated.
Truthfully it is not
Simple as it is. 
We can understand.
But we choose not to. 
We have the understanding
As deep as the sea.
We have the enduring love
Like a mudfish can survive
Without water.
But we have a faith
That is weak
Much like a wind
That goes and disappears
With just a flick of a hand.

Remember this
Love is not in the air
But within us.
Hong Denice Dec 2015
Precious Gold
Made into Silver

Second fiddle
Made into Main

To Love
Made to Like

To Carry a Child
Made to carry a Burden

To eat for Health
Made to eat for Death

Made into Divide

Naive heart
Made arrogant

Most Important
Become the least

Wise man
Mad to Smart man

Smarter you are
The more robotic you become
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