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pencaricahaya Nov 2017
This cold of my city reminds me of an unreachable place,
that I’ve never been to.

Reminds me of my crystal queen: severe and cold,
That I haven’t met yet.

Nostalgia for things that haven´t come invades me, saddens me, and flow through my eyes.

I miss a mirage, a long-forgotten dream.

I can feel nothing but white,
And the white
slowly starts
to fill
  Dec 2015 pencaricahaya
Dhaye Margaux

Life is so unfair
Yet it is beautiful
Chance is so unkind
Yet it still gives choices

Life is still the one you make
Through your choices
With faith
For without faith, nothing will happen
Because even if life is unfair
God is always fair to us

Faith, not fear---AL

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
  Dec 2014 pencaricahaya
A piece of you
Reflecting back
The bitter words in your mouth
Too raw to speak
A poet is
Someone in pain
And someone in love
Someone who looks at the world
Through a kaleidoscope
Who takes a magnifying glass to each
And every
Word you say
And lets them imprint on their heart
A poet is
A star gazer
A dreamer
A chaser of
The improbable
But hopes anyway
A poet is
Tissue paper skin
A heart of glass
And a soul of titanium

A poet is
A sharp tongue
And a gentle kiss
She is a sob
He is a sigh
A poet is
The sun at midnight
Bright and
But cloaked in a darkness
They cannot shake
The brightest day
And the darkest night
A poet is
The human experience
A paradox
An oxymoron
So complicatedly

A poet is
A lover
Who refuses
To stop wearing their heart on their sleeve
No matter how much it bleeds
But rolls them up
So you can’t see
The blood stains

A poet
Is Poetry
Dear Hello Poetry Poet,

Is what you say
It's what you do
Everything I hear
In every "I. Love. You."


You want her, You love her.
I want you, I love you.
You don't want me, You don't love me.
She only needs you, She doesn't love you.

You feel about her, The way I feel about you.
I feel your pain, I feel what you do.

The point of all this?

I show you sympathy and mercy.
Unlike you do for me.

So much hypocrisy
But it doesn't matter to me.

Cause as much as you say you love her, I love you that much more.
And as much as you say you'd do for her,  I'd do for you that much more.

Tonight as you lay by my side, thinking about her while you're holding me tight and you find this letter here on Hello Poetry, I hope this may help you to understand,  that although I think you're an amazing man, you're hurting me like she's hurting you.

There's nothing left to say or do...
This hypocrisy is killing me and it's certainly not helping you...  

Just never forget about The Girl Who Loved You. ❤
The man I love is a poet on here,  his identity I shall keep hidden.  
Please don't hate him for what he's doing to me,  for just like you and me, he can't help who he loves.
You see...  
This is a big world and I'd like to say that I've found my "ONE"
But there's too many others out there to say that my search is done.
So for this "ONE", eventually and soon I'll have to give up the dream.
As to what else is out there? That remains to be seen...
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