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TKO Aug 2017
In the darkness
A silent voice etches
Temptation into a subconscious mind

In the thoughtlessness
Festers unspoken truths and
Stolen innocence

On the surface
A fragile
Production of wellness

In the void
Derelict fragments
Of Will were sustained

Until the day
A friend was lost
And you lost your way
A piece dedicated to Chester Bennington who took his own life at the age of  41. He has had a huge influence on my life growing up and others internationally. We are fortunate that he will live on through his gift of music and poetry, but I'm saddened to see him go.

I hope he has found peace <3
TKO Jul 2017
The front door is sealed.
I hear the bell ringing, but
I'm unable to clutch the ****...
Fire burns hot on the other side.*

The smoke billows under the door - suffocating
as it seeps into my every pore.
I must escape from this loveless trap,
before what is left untapped is scrap.

I tremble at the thought of love,
recede when met with compassion.
Like a dock to which sadness flocks,
every heartbeat is like a fading clock's.
TKO Feb 2017
I have always Thought that
                  When I am to Die
I want to begin a Joke
                  Right there on the Fly
Before I Finish
                         Then I'll Recline
Smiling wide
          To the Folks in Line
                                     A Glorious Punchline
                                         Never Proclaimed

Forever Mine
                        By the Curiosity
Of their Minds
TKO Feb 2017
I wish to see you again,
Rid of this cognitive muzzle.
Sharing animated stories,
Over an evenings puzzle.

The smile that once graced us,
Has gone limp -- vacant.
Impeded thoughts make
Your emotions latent.

I mutter when I discuss our family's dread;
Shudder when I think of your brooding bed.
You are loved and it need not be said,
This love will persist long after you are...
TKO Jan 2017
I've heard talk of speech that warms the cold,
-- it cures the soul -- when hope's foretold.
I've seen those who preach
but cannot behold...
Leave depression unchecked
as if it would be too bold
to say something..
Meanwhile, the other is suppressing
the urge to ask.
Why do we retract?
We're often afraid that they might push back,
and they may....
But one day, if they look back,
they wont be able to say
that noone cared.
They won't be able to turn off the light
saying "noone will despair".
It may save their life.
*Is it not human to care?
Mental illness: don't be afraid to talk about it. Although you may never experience it yourself, you could make a world of difference in the life of another. We should all learn to be aware... and to care.
TKO Jan 2017
the simple things
are what comfort us when
the greater things
weigh us down

the little things
are what define us to others
when we are alone
in another town

the harder things
are what force us to grow,
to adapt,
and rearrange.

such is life
where the little things
can induce
the greatest change.
TKO Jan 2017
My hands caress the back of her neck
-- her curves leave little to be desired.
There are six keys to her heart
and I know just how to turn each of them
the right way.
I stroke her gently,
causing her to cry out with pleasure.

Beauty incarnate,
she shines like a rising sun
-- the centerpiece of the party
-- always there for me,
with her flawless melody.
"Wink wink, nudge nudge -- Know what I mean? Say no more, say no more."
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