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Whit Howland Sep 2023
and we WALK

through a GARDEN

not of stone

or red roses
but of

GLASS glass

and because of this
FLOWERS  trees and other

natural things
no longer satisfy

what I want is now

PLEASE believe me when I say

it is much
An abstract word painting
Whit Howland Mar 2023
with four leaves

they take over
these clovers

the lawn
and everything

in between
so I ask you please tell me

what is good
and where is the fortune

in that
Some whimsy for St Patrick's day
Whit Howland Feb 2023
Plinking ivory keys
of a black lacquer piano

on the burnt and amber
swirled rug

smack in the middle
of economy class

roasted nuts
in a pewter mug

drinks in a cold glass
cloth napkins

and cash was king

we tend to overwrite
what we intend

to overbook
and sell
A word painting with a straightforward message
Whit Howland Feb 2023
an alabaster buddha
and a Navaho ***

a trumpeter swan
white like ivory soap

some chess pieces
from the franklin mint

intelligent design

better homes and gardens
not by a long shot

and they say

still waters run deep
but shallow

is clear sunny
and warm
A word painting with a straightforward message.
Whit Howland Jan 2023
The tide rolled out
as a fog rolled in

to cover the rest
of what a white sheet couldn't

such as chalk outlined
tangled legs

with patent leather
and stiletto heels

bathed by blue and red
flashing lights

as cars
like dung and soldier beetles

moved along streets
with the names

Wittier Figueroa
and San Fernando Road
An impressionistic Jazz piece
Whit Howland Jan 2023
Water water


And nothing to drink
but liquid

as thick as molasses
and no relief...

After a  long slog
through the mud;

soon to be
Whit Howland Jan 2023
with a pinch of crimson

that's the sunrise
at 8 AM
A word painting with a straightforward message.
Whit Howland Jan 2023
or ships in a bottle

if the latter
however  would we pass

each other in the night

or maybe

we were meant to sidestep

that worn-out

and be destined
for better things

Whimsical word painting.
Whit Howland Dec 2022
Like a soggy mop
or a ***** brillo

and a  head squarely
in the gutter

this man is so down
in the dumps

he doesn't care
whether or not

he mixes
his metaphors
Whit Howland Dec 2022
Eggs Benedict
ham on rye
with freshly squeezed

orange juice

and I'm reminded
of you
and our first breakfast

with that sizzling
we made together
A whimsical word painting.
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