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something to swivel
in my mouth

to use to pick out
food for thought

between my teeth

before I whittle
it/you down to size

then sweep away
the splinters

with my tongue

whit howland © 2021
Once popping crackling

now burning down
to an orange ember

soon to be spritzed
followed by hissing

then sputtering
what just happened

we had so much

whit howland © 2021
A word painting
Close my eyes
let go of fear?

I fear

if I do,

I will look up above
and see

a black anvil
hanging  by a  thread

over me.

whit howland © 2021
An abstract word painting.
All it took
was a March
Chicago wind

to turn you
inside out
and show you

how fragile
you really were
but not us

not you
and not us
I'm not talking

about us


maybe I am
about how it will
take more than

a stupid icy wind
to tear us

whit howland © 2021
just one minute
in the microwave

and watch it bubble and


slabs of fat
and all

Lord please

let me be forever

and gladly  and

my penance

whit howland © 2021
the crack that started
as a chip
is fast running
up the side

and there's a rattle
in the hub cap
like a ball bearing
going round and round

good problems
so they say

whit howland © 2021

and they're calling for more

and they say
it will be this way
all week

but like every other time
I will do my best
to beat back

the blue Monday

as well as continue
to try and keep

in front of the eightball

whit howland © 2021
Whit Howland Feb 18
these fits
of cognitive dissonance

we're having

from exposure
to the snow and sun


we have way too much more
to explore

about each other

whit howland © 2021
Whit Howland Feb 17
Bubbly soda
to the top
and up over the lip

of the glass

so much poured in
and so much gushing


why stop there
why let this just float off

into the beyond or the


whit howland © 2021
An abstract word painting.
Whit Howland Feb 16
Oh how you ran the bow
across my strings

how your voice
was silky smooth

and how even though
I was a fish

out of water
you convinced me

I was right where I

but you were wrong
and so was I

the fool that I will always

whit howland © 2021
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