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Avery Langcaster Nov 2017
I sit up in my bed, wondering if you feel the same tension that courses through me. Your feet trill in and out of your room, and you leave the hall light on. It illumines the cracks around my door and I wait to see shadowy feet at the bottom accompanied with a faint knock. It never comes.
Is it just me? Am I the only one breaking from our recent distance of souls?
We used to be so in sync, and together we made a harmony that I now can only recall like an aged dream. It seems that we have both switched keys in this song, and now our notes only create dissonance. I was sure our tunes would meet again to compose a grand resolution, but it seems that you stopped listening long ago.
Avery Langcaster Dec 2015
I remember that feeling
that heavy weight I held
just wanting to die already
but being terrified of hell

I was suicidal
but only in my mind
I could never make my body commit that selfish, wanted crime

my breathing had no point
and my life felt like death
I couldn't see past the pain that I wanted to forget

"you'll always be alone" kept ringing through my head
telling me that all would be fine when I was finally dead

I just wish I could travel back
and tell me where I am
out of that black hole
and into life again

they say it gets better
which is hard to believe
but I now can testify
that it rang true for me
Avery Langcaster Sep 2015
You left a hole in my heart when you said "Goodbye."
I begged at your feet for a reason why.
Your face, stone, showed no sympathy
At the broken pieces you made of me.

You left a hole in my heart when you walked away.
I keep trying to fill it, but it stays the same.
Everyday, a challenge to breathe.
Every second, more depressing.

You left a hole in my heart now that I'm alone.
The darkness consumes my lonely soul.
Happiness is just a faint memory
Of the life I lived when you were with me.
Prequel to Better Off
Avery Langcaster Aug 2015
I'm better off without you
I'm really starting to see
Now that time has past
I've dried my tear soaked sleeves

I thought you were my angel
What a cunning disguise
Turns out you were my demon
Crippling my mind

So thanks for the memories
But I'm finally moving on
It seems that to catch my breath
I needed you gone
Avery Langcaster Jan 2015
Why do
the ones
I love

the most
put me

the most
torture ?
  Dec 2014 Avery Langcaster
I gave you the key to the garden where my secrets were safely kept,
And I showed you the flowers sown by my scars, my mistakes, and the corners where they were neatly swept.
But under the stars, you came in and trampled it all while I peacefully slept.
You had planned this all along, I'd consider it a successful attempt.

I awoke to the gate barely swinging on its hinges,
Horrified of what I would discover next, every muscle in my body cringes.
You've created a fire in me, destroying the trails, the fresh air, it singes.
The bright colors of my flowers, the flames, it tinges.

Realizing what you had done, my hopes began to sink.
All the lies you whispered to me, I wasn't sure what to think.
I should have seen this coming, the puzzle pieces began to link.
So I grabbed a piece of paper,
Using my heart as the ink.

I painted my mistakes as a precaution for the world to see,
Lines, details, colors brushed with my regrets, each stroke, showing them what they didn't want to be.
Seeing the finished picture, I knew I had found the purpose meant for me,

*To make a beautiful work of art, using the power of broken poetry.
Avery Langcaster Dec 2014
Life is a mountain.
We're all here trying to climb it, always searching for the top.
There are things that promise to bring us there, such as money or power, but they still leave us climbing.

Most people will spend their lives on this endless hunt for contentment- the top of the mountain.
But there are some who realize that the top of the mountain is only an illusion that keeps us climbing.

You can either spend your life controlled by the climb, or you can execute the only power you possess, and let go.

*Maybe, upon reaching the bottom, there is finally relief.
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