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LERCH Aug 2019
I’d like to live
Not bothered by ideologies, doctrines,
isms, the truth, or lies

I am a good natured man
I’d like to say I’m a good man, but I know only time will tell (I’ll be a good man)

I found myself sticking my head up my ***
And chewing at my insides over some relatively minor moral conundrum

God’s punishment, his disappointment with me, even the fear of hell could not convince me to do the right thing.

But lo, I decided to do the Good thing only for the sake of Goodness itself. Only for the magical aura of a boisterous laugh unashamed. For that goofy, naive, beautiful, innocent smile.

I decided I’ll always fight with all that is right within me to do the right thing, only for righteousness sake, for the love of people and desiring the greatest for us all

God’s wrath can’t convince me
Hellfire can’t convince me

It’s the beauty!
The beauty of life!
The goodness! THE GREATNESS!
I want to see it in all in full bloom
I want to contribute to it, and not harm it in even the slightest way

I don’t mean to offend!
How can I help you?
I love you

Aw yea, I’d like to live unbothered by the truth, & I’d like to live by it, but only cause I love it.
LERCH May 2019
I am
Not a poet
I am a poem Livin
I'm nada
Im only livin
Im only givin
LERCH Aug 2018
Woah, woah, woe.

What is this thing we are living?

I dunno, but i know we got lucky.

And, oh! Can it get any sweeter?

Only if you would promise to love me.

But, oh! It ends.

It ends!

Yeah, baby all the wonderful
Things always do that.

It ends. It ends!

I suggest you enjoy it my friend.
LERCH Jul 2018
Life is fun. oh yeah
Unless you dont have funds, man
Go get you some then !
LERCH Jul 2018
Peace and love to you
Your a stain on existance
Yeah, me too
Im optimistic
But realistic
People ****
Like the baby from the simpsons
Food clothes and shelter
Life is simple
But remember now the world is full of sinners
Ok Lerch man we get it
Can ya rap bout something else now
Ok, thank the lord that im ok
I hope the Gov't dont come thru
With aK's
Ww1 ww2 they say history repeats
They say alotta things
Ima stop listening to what they say
If they come for me then im going
Out like Jesus
Lord willin
But ill prolly feel the urge to fight back and scream obscenities
Lord bless me
To be a good and faithful servant
wrote this 1 a while back. I wanna share it with you guys.
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