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Keiri Jul 29
Faking beliefs to believe in the fake.
For the real is way to real.
I still don't want to awake.
I'll imagine I've got a tastier meal.

Be strong, I say, don't give in.
For it will be for the wrong reason.
Spaghetti, potatoes, peas, please don't sin.
Steak or stew or mussles with season.

Scones, soup, browney with a liquid core.
Or rather think of a good baked fish.
Don't, just don't think of him anymore.
Try to replace him with your favorite dish.

I can' give in, I can't give up.
It won't be good if I drink the same cup.
Again and again it's a cup with a crack.
And all my sweet cocoa will flee right back.

I keep thinking, is this right?
I can't tell right from wrong in my blurred sight.
It's bad to go back, so just go on forth.
But my eyes slip back, like a compass needle north.

I need to hold myself, faults won't do me good.
I'll just have to stop my thinking with even more food.
It's a similar hormone triggered, I will feel the same.
What am I? Will I rather be fat again to spare me of the pain?

Why am I weak, it's such a one way to think.
But what else to do when my heart's about to sink.
Pop in my head, there he is again.
Chocolate, chicken breast, bread full of grain.

Don't think, just don't think at all.
Will he be hurt, does he think of me at all.
Is he alright, what is he up to right now.
Does he miss me, and I just wonder how.

Stop it, weakling, you can do better than this.
Orange sauce, porto dressing, ribs as soft as a kiss.
Mac and cheese, ceasar salad, do you think he is alright.
Was I wrong, after all he still wanted to fight.

No, be strong, honeydressing, porkchop, carrot stew.
How many chances did I give him a new?
Stop it, steamed beef, apple cake, am I really mad?
Why did walking away from him feel so bad.

Faking beliefs to believe in the fake.
For the real is way to hard.
I still don't want to believe my mistake.
For I too was wrong at my part.
Hot devil - The name of this poem is named after a yummy casserole dish called 'Hot devil' (it's Dutch) it's with veggies in white sauce, mashed potatoes and roasted meat baked in layers within the casserole in the oven... you should try it, it's really tasty

Here's the recipe for 4 persons
- 12 normal sized potatoes
- 1kg of minced meat
- 1/2 l milk
- 2 tbsp plain flour
- 2 tbsp baking butter
- 1/2 porridge (the white side, small chopped)
- 4 sticks of sellery (small chopped)
- 4 normal sized carrots (small chopped)
- Salt, nutmeg and pepper
- 1 egg yolk
- breadcrumbs

Cook and mash the potatoes. Add the eggyolk in the mashed potatoes, altogether with a little bit of milk and a little bit of butter, mash it all untill it's a moistured paste.  Roast the meat, chop it in small bits while roasting it in the pan. Slice the porridge, sellery and carrot in small pieces. Melt the butter in a *** and add the plain flour, now stir bit by bit the milk in the mixture. Season the white sauce with salt and pepper and nutmeg. Add the veggies in the sauce and boil further for a minute or two. Take a casserole that can stand the heat of the oven. Rub half of the mashed potato in on the bottom. Put the meat on top of it, now put the veggies on top of that layer, fill the last layer with the remaining mashed potatoes and sprinkle the upper layer full with breadcrumbs until you can't see any mashed potatoes underneath the crumbs. Put in the oven (180°C for about 20 minutes).
Johnny walker May 25
I can have no regrets for lived a life with my wife
for twenty years before God decided she should
I placed a note upon my door to deter persistently
the religious callers knocking on my
And It simply reads I qoute "God Left This House The Day He Took My Wife"that how I saw
I did not want theses people pushing religion at my door I don't need this I have my own
If at the end of my life I'm to be judged then so be It I
can deal with that for I'm
not evil or
In the name of religion so I have nothing to fear at the end of my days for If the life I've lived Is not good enough so be
I'm not religious because of the corruption In The Church but do have my own believes If that not good enough then so be It
For so long
I was comfortable with storms,
thunder, lights, dark sky and heavy rains.
Now to me it's only normal
and you
still think it's unlucky
It would be more good if I name this poem 'perspective' but I am feeling too much confident about this perspective of any two persons that I named it as DEFINITION.
Poetoftheway Nov 2015
The Red Queen Believes!

The Red Queen,
in her youth,
believed in as many as
six impossible things
before breakfast
The Old Poet,
in his embered tinder, yellowing days,
believed in as many as
six possible poems
before breakfast
Nov. 5, 2015
Brooklyn, NY
7:25 pm
Make sure you know whose heart your playing with
Let it not be, ever the devils heart
For she eats such doers not by flesh, but by mind and pain.
Her sorrowful ways are sinful upon man’s rage, delusional enough to trick angelic eyes.
For !
Every woman’s anger are devilish,
But differently towards those alive.
From a time that's past to
a time that's now, always asked the same question why do people give there self their whole life to worship
When there Is no guarantee of life hereafter
sacrifice everything In life
on stories In a book that was written thousands of years ago
Give up the pleasure of be celibate why
give their whole life to a religion that has no proof of existence everybody has their own beliefs and quite
rightly so
I'm not atheist I just have own beliefs but this Is probably questions that will never be answered but never the less I will not stop me
asking WHY?
Thought of the day I do not
In way wish to offend those or their believes
Umi Nov 2018
Faith is for the transience to have,
To hold on to their, morale, their pride or their belief of justice,
While the sun already bid farwell to her warmth in this freezing autumn, the transience of their faith keeps them warm, ah phantoms,
And so time passes, beliefs change the path is redirected
The wind crosses over it, and alike a miracle revives those memories,
Of those who have already left and disappeared without a trace,
And of the ones who shaped anothers heart, with speech, with a gentle gesture or just kindness, shown to every and all kinds,
As I, who was too pure to understand the meaning of this wretched world together with its temporare selfdestructive problems achieved immortality, I began to understand that transience is beautiful!
Because transience meant living, did it mean that I was no more ?
This I cannot answer, however it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are, just do not get lost in the stream of time,
The smallest change can make the difference,
As for every kind is one kindness,
This, is a last remote.

~ Umi
Johnny walker Nov 2018
We spend but a short time
this world In which live
surely so much damage we
caused In the time that we
have been here one day this
world will end at the hand
of its creator

Tired Seeing all the killing
evil and destruction by the
very beings he placed here
to look after the world he

There are good people In
this life that deserves so
much more but tarnished
by the evil  that lives and
breaths amongst
I hope that God will remember
and to spare all of us who tried to
make his world the world he
had Intended for us to live
peace and harmony
It Is the evil that lives and breaths amongst
Destroying the world
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
Don’t believe the media,
they try to deceive you.

Don’t believe others,
they may lie to you.

Don’t believe your intuition,
it is biased.

If you want to know the truth
go and see for yourself
before making a judgement.
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