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Look up above
Watch down below
Survey the area
Magnifying each spot
Even asking atoms to help
If only to see just where oh where
my reluctance to care has gone
I no longer bother with relationships
Their tales to me are but mere myths
people hang onto to aquire happiness
Truth be told being single isn't a curse
The x mark of treasure lies in oneself
There are empty lines
inbetween the contours
that would fit perfectly
together like pieces of a puzzle
We hold onto what would fill
the void found in each other

Fingers bend forming
a lock as if a symbol
confirming our trust
communicating love
rooted in appreciation
of what has been placed
in the palm of our hands

Skin to skin
mind to mind
heart to heart
we connect deeply
beyond the borders
of a mere seashore
to an ocean like intimacy
It doesn't happen over night
closing eyelids to fall inside
a matrix where dreams come alive
Good things take time to be realised
It is a shame money runs society
tugging us between sheets of pride
tossed under the mattress of lies
told to worsen our actual realities
trapping any value of our lives

So we replace the love taken
with what is bad but feels right
clouding the breathe to our lungs
with smoke used for calming down
Allowing moments of escape
to gain a sense of belonging
even though it is damaging minds
cells vital to our daily existence

We are holding on just to survive
with hope looking bleak as time
dishes onslaughts of comparisons
to that which seems better than I
yet doesn't hold a candle light
to a bigger picture that's in sight
So keep paying me no mind  
as I continue this fight while I'm
on the pursuit of happiness
Heartstrings play senerades
with every night that passes by
like a wolf howling at the moon
He sings songs to an ex lover
imagining she is still by his side
since he can't hide any thoughts of her
even if he could, he wouldn't dare try
for it is a pain like a double edge knife
It hurts just to keep memories alive
of the woman he asked to be his wife
that is the cause of him dying
on the inside
She hangs on the far side of a swing
swaying back and forth slowly
watching the sunset by her lonesome
Her hair beats against a cool rush
blown by winds of a changing season

While tears spring from eye's  
saddened by the never ending
autumn cycle of misery that's piling
up upon a stream of hurt overflowing  

As if a waterfall coming down
to drown her good intentions
ruining years of time spent together
Putting to shame makeup she has
on to grab a glimpse of attention  

Even if only for a mere moment
to make him thankful for having
what he has got in his possession
so he may think of her as more than
just being there for amusement.
Your world is like a mind's compass
that guides the significance of actions
taken within a state of reasoning

Balancing the various kind of priorities
according to dreams of life envisioned
And how far off from that measure
our existence is permitted
Just because for no specific reason
Unconditional gentle gestures
So kind yet still a sucipious behaviour
that's spectrums of love's rainbow    

Breath filling
enlightenment of soul
Cuddling expressions within
as snug as a winters coat
Uncompromising touch holding
serenity in the palm of the heart
everlasting sentiments resonance
Just because without needing an explanation to feel, to say or to do what your heart wants for who it wants
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