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Beautiful you are, a pretty shower.
You wash away all the dismay,
so gentle you are with me, falling
each day so that we may meet
even if our river runs dry you peak
at a point that touches rain's feet.

Surrounded by birds and tree's,
an atmosphere with calm scenery
and yet still your eyes pour down
drowning like a pool of love only;
upon me.
A heart has been calling out,
waiting, wondering, shall it be
heard, though covered by rubble
of an abandoned house, ripped
apart, hope now lies steadily for a
touch, a sign of someone to notice
the urgent need for it to be lifted up.
It is like knowing someone like the back
of your hand, seeing pores and follicles
no one is able to glance at, only to get
kept at a length further than arms stretch, a place inbetween hugs and hand shakes.
I'm a product of where I've been,
what I said, what I've seen, all the
expectations in daylight that I dream.    
I've sold myself a chance at a reality
to achieve, everything I know I can be.
When commitment becomes a part
of who you are, loyalty is rarer to you
than plutonium in an antarctic tundra.
It is an exceptional gesture, like that of  
a love language exclusively on it's own.
If all I have left are poetic memoirs
written down to convey my purpose
I shall stand firmly by those words
inscribing the essence of thoughts
to where I have travelled before
while on a journey of experiences.
Forced into hiding
like it is sin to feel
not only good vibes
makes a person real

Every single emotion
should be given freedom
to be expressed with zeal
not judged like it's criminal.

Pretending to be hollow inside
knowing within a flood resides
drowning for a sense of self worth
validated by bias options of others.
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